April 2015

Meditation Session III

Meditation Session III
Updated: Apr 25April
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Because I have been meditating for several years now, when I read the title of this session, I wondered if I would gain much by participating in it. However, I’ve so enjoyed the meditations in the previous two sessions that I registered for this one. And I’m glad that I did!

As I listened to Swami Indirananda speak, I recognized that, without my noticing it, I have gradually allowed more and more distractions, concerns, and my own carelessness to crowd the space I used to reserve for simply letting go of everything else and releasing into meditation.

Thank you, Swami ji, for the simple steps and suggestions you gave us today. I already see ways that I can easily make more space in my schedule, in my body, and especially in my mind to renew the vibrancy of my meditation practice. I’m so looking forward to taking those steps.

a Siddha Yogi from Michigan, USA