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Recently my husband was teaching me how to do something on the computer. His knowledge in this area is vast, while mine is quite meager. Yet I found myself craning over his shoulder, saying, "Yes, yes, I understand…," as he patiently went through the details. Then, I suddenly saw myself—my body was tense, my breathing shallow. I wasn’t listening fully to what was being said. Seeing this, it was clear to me that if I wanted to learn this skill, I needed to practice patience.

This simple awareness softened me. I began to allow space for my husband’s words to land. My body relaxed, and I could breathe more deeply. I began to enjoy the learning, to appreciate and feel grateful to my husband for the care with which he was instructing me.
What power and love there is in this virtue!

a Siddha Yogi from Adelaide, Australia

When I contemplated the virtue of patience, I found that my trust in the teachings of our Guru helps me to be patient. Gurumayi has told us, "Have faith. Everything is all right.” When I align with this teaching, I can face the challenges before me with patience, and then they do not disturb my inner state.

a Siddha Yogi from Madhya Pradesh, India