• Gurupurnima 2015
  • Gurupurnima 2015
  • Gurupurnima 2015
  • Gurupurnima 2015

Shri Guru Paduka Pancakam
Five Stanzas on the Sandals of Shri Guru

Gurupurnima Card
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Each time I read the story of Baba’s shaktipat in Play of Consciousness, I am moved by the love and reverence with which Baba honors his Guru’s sandals. He shows me that when I honor the Guru’s sandals, I am taking a pilgrimage to the holiest of all places within—the heart, where I find the realization of my own true nature: “I am That.”

a Siddha Yogi from Buenos Aires, Argentina

When Gurumayi bestowed shaktipat diksha upon me, everything changed! So, when it comes to the deep mystery and immense value of the grace flowing from the Guru’s sandals, I’m all in!
I am forever grateful for the Guru’s grace, which has revealed truth, love, and contentment within my own being—a discovery far beyond the reach of my thinking mind and self-effort alone. 
The Guru’s sandals have become, for me, the perfect symbol of the spiritual path and its goal: the recognition of divinity in everything.
I bow my head upon my Guru’s sandals, the grace-filled portal to the knowledge and experience of true freedom.

a Siddha Yogi from Massachusetts, USA