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Siddha Yoga Chanting Tour: Australia 2014
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This past weekend, I was caring for my granddaughter. Throughout the day, we sang. We sang her nursery rhymes, and I chanted, as I always do when she is with me. I was chanting Narayana in practice for the evening satsang. My granddaughter started singing "Jaya Jaya" in the way only a three-year-old can—full of joy and enthusiasm, playing with the words, as if tasting them. All of a sudden, she started to sing Jaya Jaya Shiva Shambho loud and clear. She had remembered the words from the chant I had been practicing the week before. She seemed very pleased with herself and sang and sang.

I was filled with love and gratitude as I felt the joy and upliftment coming from within her and moving within me. I have been feeling more and more the blessedness of the wonderful gifts we as humanity are receiving from the Chanting Tour, from the Siddha Yoga teachings, from the grace abounding in our lives.

Thank you, dear Gurumayi.

a Siddha Yogi from Melbourne, Australia

Last night, a Siddha Yogi who had met Baba many years ago unexpectedly appeared at the Siddha Yoga meditation center. He had not attended the center for twenty years. After we warmly welcomed him, someone asked him, "What has brought you here tonight?"

He answered, "You know, I am not quite sure. But tonight I suddenly felt drawn to come here by a great urge to chant. It came out of the blue. I suddenly wanted to chant."

He said he hadn’t seen the Siddha Yoga path website or heard about the Chanting Tour, but an insistent urge to chant, which had come “out of the blue,” had brought him to the center. Everyone who heard him say this shared in his delight.

a Siddha Yogi from Washington, USA

Today I woke up early in the morning, feeling great gratitude for my parents. My mind became quiet and serene. I wondered, “Why is this divine bhava, this great virtue of gratitude sprouting up so early in the morning?”

For me the answer is Siddha Yoga chanting. Yesterday we were chanting Jaya Jaya Shiva Shambho in the Siddha Yoga Family Satsang, and I felt so much love and gratitude for my parents and for their benevolent nature.

Chanting inspires love in me, not only for myself but for others. Siddha Yoga chants bring out my love for my parents, my daughter, my wife, my students, my friends, nature, and this wonderful planet. Siddha Yoga chants inspire in me unconditional love for my beloved Guru, Gurumayiji.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for the Siddha Yoga Chanting Tour. Thank you for all the Siddha Yoga sevites who are making the Chanting Tour possible.

a Siddha Yogi from Pune, India