Chinese New Year 2016: The Year of the Monkey

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Updated: Feb 9Gurumayi's Message in Nature Gallery
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My four–year-old son was amazed to see the beautiful, colorful paintings in this story. He is looking forward to hearing what happens with the Bodhisattva in Part II. As a mother, I feel blessed that the content of the Siddha Yoga path website is child-friendly. As a student of this path, I feel that the Bodhisattva is like the Guru. I consider my Guru's guidance to be for my benefit, and I realize that I have to take responsibility to incorporate her guidance into my life so that I can experience long-lasting joy.

a Siddha Yogi from Thane West, India

The monkey chief’s benevolent leadership and foresight are inspiring. In my role as a parent, I am especially interested to see the active role he takes in the effort to keep his tribe safe. I seek to apply the qualities of foresight and benevolence as I make the effort to guide my children and family, focusing on the actions we can take in the present to create a beneficial future.

a Siddha Yogi from California, USA