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Recently, while listening to a friend sharing about some challenges in her life, my heart opened completely to her. I became totally present, experiencing our shared humanity and divinity. This openness allowed space for my love to shine through, and it was easy to offer kindness, compassion, and support.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your grace, which flows with such abundance through our lives. Happy Birthday Bliss!

a Siddha Yogi from California, USA

I had a dream last night that Bade Baba was knocking on the door. I opened the door and there was so much light I couldn't see him. Eventually his form appeared. He came in and looked around the room.
I was so delighted to share the dream with my family this morning! And then, as I checked the virtue for the day, I saw it was Openness. And there was Bade Baba's image!

a Siddha Yogi from Sydney, Australia