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  • Shaktipat Intensive 2016

Shubh Divali

Shubh Divali
NewDivali 2016Updated Oct 26Baba Muktananda's Mahasamadhi 2016Updated: Oct 27October 2016
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I received wonderful inspiration as I studied this beautiful rangoli. I was reminded to stay centered in the madhya, that I am God and so is everybody around me, and to discover and polish the virtues which are present in their fullness within me.

 a Siddha Yogi from Pune, India

This rangoli is so beautiful! I love the images of the swans moving towards the light. It reminds me to always move towards the inner light.

a Siddha Yogi from New York, USA

For some days, I have been facing some challenges and longing to more deeply experience that the Guru is always with me.
This morning when I saw the Divali rangoli, I felt Gurumayi inwardly saying, “I am with you.” I am so grateful for this wonderful gift from Gurumayi on Divali.
Shubh Divali to all.

a Siddha Yogi from Mansa, India