The joy of chanting unfurls the inner world.
from Courage and Contentment by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

At a certain point, ordinary words can no longer take us where we want to go. Through chanting, we use music and sacred mantras to enter into a dialogue with the divine.

Chanting is a natural way to tune in to the frequency of love. Chanting combines singing and music with mantras—words and sounds that vibrate at the highest level of awareness. The vibrations emanating from repeating the names of God or chanting sacred Sanskrit texts have a tangible effect on our own inner being. The sweetness of chanting stills the mind, dissolves worries, and opens the heart. The saints describe chanting as a way of becoming saturated with God's love.

Chanting gives us direct access to the spiritual world. It balances our subtle energy system, allowing for deeper meditation. Chanting forms an integral part of the practice schedule at Siddha Yoga retreats, centers, and ashrams. Here are some ways you can try out chanting for yourself:

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The beauty of chanting never fails to captivate me. The combination of the music and the pure sounds of the mantras moves me in a way that nothing else does.

There always comes a point in a chant when this exultant experience of sheer beauty sweeps through my whole being. At this point my mind capitulates. No matter how loud or demanding my thoughts may have been up until then, in this moment they bow to a greater power.

Then I am in the realm of the heart and it is as if every cell in my body is being infused with pure, sparkling energy.

a Siddha Yogi from Melbourne, Australia