This is the first time I feel I understand the word  assimilate and its relationship with study, practice, and implementation. The visual example of ink in water is something that I will continue to learn from for a long time. The story of Dronacharya and Yudhisthira was profound and easy for me to understand. This exposition has opened a doorway in my life.

New York, United States

As I prepared to evacuate in anticipation of Hurricane Irma's arrival, I felt worried. As an elderly person living alone in a home not built to withstand 100 mile per hour winds, I considered the possibility of being homeless and having to start all over again. The thought made my knees buckle.
And then I read Gurumayi's teaching for that day, September 9, in Resonate with Stillness. In the first paragraph she says, "Each person has his or her own dharma to follow, and you must play your own role fully. Whatever role you have chosen to play in this world, play it to the utmost. Never quit in the middle. Do not become disheartened. No matter what happens, pick yourself up once again and move on. Be a warrior."
Immediately, I felt a surge of courage and strength as I absorbed Gurumayi's teaching. Later that morning, I evacuated to a safe haven.
When the storm passed and I returned to my home, I was thrilled to find it completely unharmed. The storm was gone, but Gurumayi's powerful teaching remained—I have taken it to heart, a permanent reminder to persevere and “be a warrior.”

Florida, United States

Each day I ask Gurumayi, Baba, and Bade Baba to please bless and care for my wife, who has been very ill for a year. Last week, as I was asking for blessings, I suddenly became aware of my own ability, as one with the Guru, to offer prayers in concert with our beloved Gurus. I am so appreciative for this experience, which came through assimilating the teaching of oneness with Shri Guru.

Hawaii, United States

As I read and reread the exposition, I became more and more enthusiastic and rooted in my commitment to assimilate the Gurus' teachings. When I finished it, I knew exactly what to do next! I called up another Siddha Yogi and invited her to be my study buddy. She had also read Swami ji's exposition and wholeheartedly accepted my invitation.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for the Siddha Yoga path website, through which the Siddha Yoga teachings, and step-by-step guidance in how to make them our own, are so readily and exquisitely available every day.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

One way that I've been learning the Siddha Yoga teachings by heart and imbibing them is by participating via webcast in one of the Siddha Yoga Meditation Sessions each day, for nearly two years. This has deepened my 36-year practice of Siddha Yoga meditation immeasurably. My gratitude has deepened immeasurably, too.

Pennsylvania, United States

For a number of years, I have heard about the four essential elements of Siddha Yoga studentship: study, practice, assimilation, and implementation. But I never quite felt I knew what assimilation meant or understood how it was distinct from, yet synergistic with, the other three elements.
So I am delighted and very grateful to receive this exposition, which makes so clear for me what assimilation is and how to practice it. In fact, I can now see that it corresponds to the reflective journaling and review of journal entries that I have been drawn to, intuitively, as a way of bringing my experiences and the teachings more fully into my being, as a way of digesting them, and making them my own so that I can embody them in my daily life.

California, United States

Thank you for this heartfelt exposition on the Guru’s words and the power of assimilation. It has really inspired me to revisit my practice of pausing after meditation to allow my experience to resonate within me and then articulating it in my journal.
I have found that even an experience that might at first seem less significant, upon closer examination and reflection, actually carries an important insight for me. The act of writing makes it more concrete and allows me to absorb it more into my being. I then often carry these "well-baked" insights into my day by writing their essence on a card that I carry with me and refer to during the day to remind me to act from the place of truth and stillness that comes from contemplation.

Sydney, Australia

The guidance in this exposition is so helpful! I do find that articulating my experiences—in my journal, in writing shares for the Siddha Yoga path website, and in conversations with fellow Siddha Yogis—is a great support in assimilating the teachings. I also find that reviewing my journal entries over time, especially as I perceive the threads that weave through my experiences and understandings, deepens my awareness of the current of grace in my life and of how I am living the teachings.
I am so grateful for this focus on assimilation. As I reflect on the practice of assimilating the Siddha Yoga teachings, I connect with the depth of Gurumayi's and Baba’s intention that their teachings truly become a part of us. This fills me with awe and deep appreciation.

Missouri, United States

I always feel so happy when I’m offered concrete ways to deepen my experience of the Siddha Yoga practices. The concrete action that stands out for me in Swami ji ’s exposition is journaling.
I’ve been studying the Pratyabhijna-hrdayam this year, and I’ve found it difficult to retain the subtleties of these teachings. Currently, I journal only sporadically. I realize that if I apply more effort in journaling, it will help me assimilate the teachings I’m studying. I’m grateful for this suggestion.

Vermont, United States