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Chanring with Gurumayi

Chant Om Gurudev with Gurumayi
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I wanted to make this a special day, and it was! I incorporated the various satsang elements into my day, culminating in a dakshina offering. As I stood quietly in the garden afterwards, I could feel Gurumayi's presence with me, and I could also sense her presence in the beautiful light-filled sky, the breeze, and everything around me.
Experiencing this, at the culmination of my special Gurupurnima day of worship, celebration, and offering, my heart is filled with love.

Havant, United Kingdom

This month I created my own dakshina card, with a painting of the full moon, and placed it, with my check, at Gurumayi's photo on the table where I look out the window at the beauty of the day. In this way, each day I remembered to offer gratitude to my Guru. And each evening I remembered to gaze at the waxing moon.
This morning, I hiked in the nearby mountains, marveling at the vistas of mountaintops and wildflowers visible from the peaks. Then this afternoon, after flowing in Tai Chi to ground myself as I chanted Om Gurudev, today's namasankirtana, I settled in for the Celebration Satsang. 
I placed photos of Bade Baba and Baba next to Gurumayi’s, prepared the puja tray, and seated myself on my meditation asana. For the next two hours I chanted and meditated with the satsang, entering a deep state of silence and gratitude for all the Guru has given and continues to give in transforming my life and the lives of so many around the world. 

North Carolina, United States

Throughout the satsang, I felt the power of the chanting and meditation as grace itself. What exuberance in the satsang! Chanting Om Gurudev with Gurumayi gave me glimpses of the power of the Guru's presence in my life. The dharana “Renewed by the Guru’s Light” made me fascinated with light. My whole being was witnessing my Guru gazing intently at me when I heard this line in the dharana: "The Guru is watching over you. Light."
After my participation in this Celebration Satsang, my yearning to become free and to be one with my Guru are enhancing my inner world of silence. I'm totally absorbed in the whisper of my heart, which tells me "I am free. I am content."  
I want to keep conveying my gratitude to my beloved Guru, Gurumayi ji.

Bhandara, India

Gratitude for what I have. 
Gratitude for what I experience. 
Gratitude for all the blessings from my Guru. 
Gratitude for the light she shows me. 
Gratitude for her love to all of us. 
You open my heart.
You open my mind.
You are the moon and the sun in my heart.
You are the light in my heart, sitting with patience,
         always there. 
You are outside, protecting me, smiling with me,
         always there. 
Gratitude. That’s what I feel, more and more. 
And today—even more. 

Obing, Germany