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Birthday Bliss

Sadguna Vaibhava – Splendor of Virtues
Virtues from Gurumayi for Birthday Bliss

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Today’s virtue is forgiveness. And today I felt complete forgiveness and love for my family. It happened unexpectedly, although I have been working toward it for a long time. It felt so free, easy, and loving. It felt like being freed from a cage. I experienced this forgiveness as a gift of grace.

Washington, United States

Early this morning I asked myself: “What would happen right now if I could release feelings of resentment that hold me back? And what would happen if I could forgive myself for things I feel the need to be forgiven for?” This reflection produced an immense shift in my day!
In a brief moment of tension while I was home-schooling my nine-year-old son, he suddenly stopped, pointed to the computer screen and the artwork for Forgiveness, and smiled at me. Our behavior changed and kindness surrounded us.
Then my husband and I crossed paths and looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. Little things that had been keeping us apart dropped away. Finally, after speaking with my father on the phone, he said, “I love you too!” I felt I had been waiting for that phrase my entire life!
I felt liberated. I couldn’t stop laughing. I danced with my family in pure happiness! I will remember the power of forgiveness and my gratitude for the Guru’s teachings.

Oregon, United States

The practice of forgiving myself and others, as well as asking for forgiveness, uplifts my spirit and opens me up to life’s many gifts.

Dombivli, India

Forgiveness saves my life and supports my sadhana over and again. It is so clearly my own choice. It doesn't require anyone else's willing consent.
My willingness to truly forgive myself in any situation seems to shift everything. When I am willing to forgive myself for participating in, or being present for, any negative energy, grace pours in and negativity disappears from that situation—sometimes instantly and sometimes like a flower unfolding.

Tennessee, United States

Over time I have realized that forgiveness is even more beneficial to me than to the one I am forgiving. I see that if I am the one holding a grudge, forgiving impacts me more than the other person. When I forgive, I am better able to accept and understand the other person’s thinking behind their behavior. This helps me to avoid reacting and to stay calm.
I am grateful to Gurumayi for this opportunity to reflect on forgiveness and strengthen my appreciation of this virtue.


Pune, India

One of the most valuable things I learned from Baba is to see innocence behind others' faults. I’ve embraced this teaching through many challenging times. Whenever another person's behavior displeases me initially, this lesson lifts me above judgment, and opens my heart to compassion and forgiveness. This benevolent path to forgiveness has been such a profound and enlightening experience for me.

California, United States