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Chanring with Gurumayi

Chant Om Gurudev with Gurumayi
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Because I’ve been so blessed in the past by celebrating Gurupurnima in many amazing ways, I like to plan this day in a way that gives continuity to this awesome tradition—by celebrating it in the best possible way. When I saw the satsang invitation on the Siddha Yoga path website, I took it as a gift to be enjoyed in a special way. So I arranged to take two days for myself, and set off to a remote hotel on a high mountain peak!
Full of excitement, I sat outside when the moon appeared, stunning in her deep pink attire. I dived into the satsang through my headphones—one precious moment after another, while the moon of the Guru, the sovereign “patrona” of unending floods of grace, was slowly rising, spreading rays of love and beauty by lighting up the whole of the firmament and the majestic mountains.
What an extraordinary Gurupurnima celebration! Each moment of the satsang felt as vivid as if I was in the presence of Shri Guru. And in fact, I was!

Milan, Italy

I am so grateful for this exquisite Gurupurnima Celebration Satsang The Power of Gratitude. I so appreciated being able to participate on the morning of Gurupurnima here in Australia. I have participated three times so far, and each time I feel just as the satsang invitation expressed it: “the satsang is like a true bhandara—a feast—that nourishes the heart, mind, and soul.” 
For almost two full days now, through engaging with the satsang elements on the Siddha Yoga path website, I have been bathing in the Guru's love, light, and grace. I am experiencing such peace and love as the light within me is expanding. 
I am awash with gratitude for the Guru’s grace, which, as David Katz says in his talk “The Generosity of the Guru's Grace” “is unparalleled.”

Paddington, Australia

Ecstasy was my experience as I celebrated Gurupurnima with the Celebration Satsang on the Siddha Yoga path website. Each element of the satsang led me deeper inside my Self. Love opened my heart and chanting Om Gurudev with Gurumayi was like dancing on a cloud. As I continue to dive into these Gurupurnima postings, my heart is filled with thanks to our beloved Gurumayi. She has made living on this earth divine for me.

South Carolina, United States

As I drove home from a small gathering that some Siddha Yogis and I had to participate in this Gurupurnima Celebration Satsang, I was accompanied by the light of the most extraordinary, huge, orange Gurupurnima moon. It followed me brightly through every twist and turn as I traveled the country roads. It was a powerful reminder that my Guru is always with me, always shining her light upon me. I was filled with gratitude.

New York, United States