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Gurumayi's Guidance - Gladness of Spirit

Gurumayi's Guidance - Gladness of Spirit
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Each one in this series of “Gurumayi's Guidance” that has appeared on the Siddha Yoga path website has made me  leap with  joy. I see each one as Gurumayi’s sweet and loving call to each and every one of us, and each practice is special and unique.
For me, “Gladness of Spirit” has been a voyage into the vastness of my own self through the five elements, each one a different and profound vessel. And the  most precious and exciting aspect of this  journey for me is that I feel that I am being taken by the hand and conducted into these wondrous experiences effortlessly. I feel cared for and nurtured, as the teachings are lovingly imparted to me so that I can move forward without fear. It is prasad, the gift of the Guru.

Milan, Italy

I have just listened to “Gladness of Spirit” and my heart is soaring—and at great peace.

At the very beginning I was imagining us all standing or sitting, ready to begin this exercise, wherever we were in the world—from east to west, from north to south. Some of us would be by a beach or lake; some near mountains, lakes, forests; some in cities. I was in my living room in the UK.

All of these were beautiful locations and yet—nothing as compared to the place Gurumayi guided us to, simply through our breath and her grace. She guided us to the place within that is so familiar by now—beyond all worldly glories. Thereby, she also drew us all together to the one true and eternal home, to our own inner divine Self.

Windsor, United Kingdom

I feel so loved and blessed. Day after day, “Gurumayi 's Guidance” takes me deeply into my heart, and into an ocean of love and contentment. After practicing this exquisite “Gladness of Spirit,” I lay down to relish this experience of oneness with the five elements. I could feel in my body their presence in my chakras: the earth, the water, the fire, the air, and the ether.

It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to memorize the five mantras and pay homage to our universe in this way. Through her guidance, I know that Gurumayi is walking the path with us, step by step, in the most loving way.

Quebec, Canada

My body is conscious of the space between my breaths. Is it? What was it that I noticed there? The deep silence. The blessed relief of deep silence. Rejuvenation. Replenishment. Reverence. Rest at last.

Sydney, Australia

The precious guidance in “Gladness of Spirit” is a wonderful gift from Gurumayi. I found this to be a most engrossing and enthralling practice. Paying homage to the five elements while singing AUM was so expansive. After the final visualization that accompanied the singing of AUM, I went into a deep meditation for a few seconds.

In the meditation, I had a vision that I was sitting by a campfire with several other people. While sitting by the fire, I heard a voice say over and over again, “Now you know your place in the universe.” When I opened my eyes, I felt rejuvenated and refreshed.

London, United Kingdom