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Birthday Bliss 2021

Sadguna Vaibhava – Splendor of Virtues
Virtues from Gurumayi for Birthday Bliss

Splendor of Virtues: Resilience
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This afternoon as I walked through my neighborhood, I found myself praying to Gurumayi to teach me how to develop the resilience and flexibility I need at this time. As I was washing the dishes after dinner, I looked out the window at a bank of clouds. It seemed that Lord Ganesh had formed and as I watched, that shape dissolved and a smaller Baby Ganesh appeared. This too faded away.
Then I thought of my prayer this afternoon to find the resilience and flexibility I need right now. Somehow, seeing Ganesh in the clouds seemed like a part of the answer. I understood that my willingness to open up to new perspectives arises from my trust in God. The change I seek can happen as effortlessly as a cloud coalescing in the sky.

New Jersey, United States

It is remarkable how on the day a particular virtue appears on the Siddha Yoga path website, a situation arises in my life that requires me to practice this very virtue.

Mexico City, Mexico

For me, resilience is like getting back on a bike after falling and giving it another go. This is true for my sadhana too.
There are times when I touch the core of Consciousness, the Self, and I feel joyful and elated, and there are times when I lose this connection. It is then the virtue of resilience that compels me to move forward toward the holiest of goals—the permanent awareness of the unity of all things.

New Jersey, United States

The image of Resilience in the art here is so evocative for me. It reminds me of an irrepressible fountain—a fountain of youth, so to speak—that bubbles with joy and creativity no matter what circumstances it finds itself in. I can see that this is the perfect image to inspire me when I’m facing a challenge, a beautiful reminder that, like everyone, I carry the spirit of resilience within. I only have to allow it to flow.

Ohio, USA