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  • Welcome to the Siddha Yoga path
  • Welcome to the Siddha Yoga path

Bhajan: Aji Soniyatsa Dinu

Aji Soniyatsa Dinu
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I love this poem by one of my favorite poet-saints of India and sung so beautifully by Shambhavi.

As I read in the fourth stanza, “To be in the company of saints is the most precious of blessings,” I reflected on Gurumayi's visit to Canberra, Australia, thirty years ago. The blessings I received during that visit are immense, immeasurable, and everlasting. They have remained with me throughout my life.

Chapman, Australia

I felt very moved when I read the words to the abhanga Aji Soniyatsa Dinu this morning. The words, “The Lord revealed himself to me in my own heart,” resonated with an experience I had a few months ago while chanting.
At the end of the chant I felt a tingling in my body at the base of the spine. As this rose up within me, my heart opened and I felt love come pouring out. This love flowed out to the people in the room, to my family, and the whole world beyond. It was a beautiful, extraordinary experience. I didn’t know I had so much love in my heart!

Havant, United Kingdom

This abhanga is bursting to the brim with joy. I have enjoyed listening to it multiple times while dancing.

California, United States

This abhanga by Jnaneshvar is just bursting with joy and that’s how I feel  as I dance around the house and garden, while singing the words. "The clouds are opening their folds and showering their nectar down upon me"  describes for me the abundance of grace that  Gurumayi is bestowing on us with right now. Feeling that grace and knowing she is always with me no matter what happens—how can there be anything for me to worry about? In these strange times it is amazing that I feel so happy, so safe, so loved.  

Port Douglas, Australia