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The Importance of Self-effort

Shri Ganesha Aradhana, Worship of Shri Ganesh
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I have been following the Siddha Yoga path since my first contact with Gurumayi and the practices, on the occasion of my first visit to Shree Muktananda Ashram in October 1992 during the celebrations of the tenth anniversary of Baba's mahasamadhi. However, it can be difficult for me to make the time and space to offer puja, as well as to find the proper worship items. Thus, when I saw the wonderful array of practices to dedicate to Lord Ganesh along with the Ganesh Manasa Puja, I immediately decided to offer this beautiful manasa puja to Lord Ganesh. As a result, my heart feels lighter.
My prayer to Lord Ganesh is that he remove both inner and outer obstacles from my path, and bring focus and enthusiasm to my mind and heart. I bow in gratitude for the opportunity I have to follow the Siddha Yoga path from my home.

Ancona, Italy