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Welcome to the Siddha Yoga path

Hanuman's Quest for Knowledge

Hanuman's Quest for Knowledge
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When I read this story, I could envision Shri Hanuman flying towards the sun. The image was so vibrant and strong, I immediately drew it. I loved visually depicting my experience of this beautiful story.

New Delhi, India

This clear, simple, and sweet rendering of “Shri Hanuman’s Quest for Knowledge” led me straight to my heart and infused deep understanding in me. Thanks to Lord Surya, the lord of the sun, the Earth received the gift of life—and I received a human birth. Knowing that the whole phenomenal universe is within me, searching for the knowledge of the Truth, and guided in my search by the benevolent instructions of my Guru, I have learned to turn my attention inside.
I remember with gratitude my first meditation experience, years ago, when the sun exploded inside my being and spread its light all around—in the form of love. Thanks to this story, I now can imagine Shri Hanuman admiring our blue planet with the same love he continued to express through service.

Rodez, France

I am very grateful for this beautiful retelling of this story, abundant with pure wisdom. Early this morning my mind was occupied with worry about the future of my grandchildren and their need for spiritual guidance in this challenging world. I prayed for guidance on how to help them to feel confident and free of anxiety, since their own education does not seem to be providing much teaching for the soul.
Then, when I opened the Siddha Yoga path website and read this story, I knew I had found some help! From reading this story, I received this simple message: children don't know that knowledge of the Self is their divine birthright and their protection unless we teach this to them.
I feel a new resolution forming that I may remain open to this knowledge and pass it on appropriately. I am very grateful to Gurumayi for this guidance.

London, United Kingdom

In reading this rendition of the story of Hanuman’s quest for knowledge, I experienced a merging between the world of the gods and the world of humans. While human beings may not be able to grow to the size of a tree or fly into the rays of the sun, I felt how we are nevertheless endowed with magnificent powers: to learn, to become steadfast, to express our enthusiasm, to become tall in knowledge and swift in love.
With this dawning sense, I read the story with the conviction that I, too, can imbibe wisdom, can become Lord Surya’s student, can follow Hanuman’s example, can serve God—not for God’s sake, but for my own. And therefore, I can fulfill my destiny. My heart feels fresh with new insight.

Rhode Island, United States