November 2019
Shanti Mantras - Vedic Prayers of Peace
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I am grateful to Gurumayi for bringing our attention to the shanti mantras at this time. They inspire me to cultivate and envision peace in myself, in my community, and on the planet.
This post reminds me of being in Ganeshpuri during the Gulf War in January 1991. At that time we participated in a continuous chant of Om Namah Shivaya, accompanied by a yajna in which the Brahmin priests recited these mantras, among others. I feel now, as I did then, that our chanting and practices contributed to ending that war more quickly than anticipated.
Now I can feel Gurumayi’s blessings raising my awareness once again. I feel empowered to send out positive vibrations through chanting and envisioning peace, love, compassion, and care for all peoples and all life.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your love and care for all of us, and for our planet.

Maryland, United States