November 2019
Tvameva Mata
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As I began listening to this beautiful prayer, I saw myself in front of Bhagawan Nityananda in his Temple in Gurudev Siddha Peeth. I bowed my head and offered this prayer to Bade Baba. As I sang the verse that begins with dura karo duhkha darda saba, suddenly my eyes started watering. I felt so grateful for the Guru’s grace, love, care, and protection that is always with me, throughout the ups and downs of life.

Surat, India

After I sing this prayer, I enjoy lingering in the stillness that arises. I feel protected by each and every word.

Chennai, India

This golden devotional prayer reminds me of the infinite love and gratitude I feel for Gurumayi.

This wonderful prayer allows my heart to fly into the Heart of God!

St. Laurent, Canada

Tvameva Mata is a prayer that invites me to welcome God. As I was singing and listening to Gurumayi’s voice, I stayed anchored inside myself. It is from this inner space of joy and contentment that I am able to enjoy my life and be aware of God’s presence within and around me.

Rodez, France