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Welcome to the Siddha Yoga path

Sadguna Vaibhava – Splendor of Virtues
Virtues from Gurumayi for Birthday Bliss

Sadguna Vaibhava
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My first thought about openness is of an image of a rose fully open—in full bloom—especially a wild rose, with just a simple rim of petals and a cluster of stamens in the middle. The openness evoked for me by this image is courageous and compelling.
However, the openness I aspire to is about more than just spreading my arms wide. Even with my arms wide, if my heart is closed, I’m not able to contribute, to participate, to connect—because true openness begins in the heart. For me to be open, I must be grounded in infinite love, allowing that love to flow out.
Sometimes a voice in my head says, “Be careful! You can get hurt when you’re open and vulnerable.” Such fear closes the petals of my heart. Yet, when I witness this fear as a mental mirage, I remember to settle into my heart and expand openly into the world with trust. The profoundness of this inner love protects me, and then I can revel in openness.

Michigan, United States

As I read today’s virtue, openness, I remembered a dream I had of Gurumayi the night before. I feel the dream was guiding me to expand my openness, to listen to my heart, and have the courage to follow my heart’s direction. My heart’s deepest longing is to connect with Gurumayi and enjoy what I am doing with my life.

Gottmadingen, Germany

This morning, as I was walking through the forest with our dog, I was reflecting on openness. Suddenly I was in a wood glade and stopped. I looked up at the peaks of the trees and stretched my arms upwards to open myself completely. I felt not only my body opening, but also my mind and soul. For a moment I felt completely at one with everything. It was a vast feeling of oneness and freedom that lovingly embraced everything without any attachment.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

Early this morning I went on a walk while repeating the mantra with my japa mala. On my way, I greeted people with joy and gentleness. I also had an open-hearted conversation with a resident of the village, and I cleared the road of branches broken by the wind.

Back home, I discovered the virtue of today was openness, and I said to myself: “You did good today!”

Rodez, France

Contemplating openness, I feel that it means loving myself and being open to my deepest Self. Only by starting from the love for myself will I be able to open myself to others. So I say: I love myself, I accept myself, I welcome myself as I am. Perfect or imperfect.

San Giorgio a Cremano, Italy

For me, openness is an inner state; it is saying yes to my life. It is also associated with a time in my life when I felt broken-hearted and emotionally wounded. 
It was at that time I unexpectedly met Gurumayi. In a fraction of a second, I felt she found my woundedness and poured a fountain of love into my broken heart, bringing me back to life. At that moment I experienced the greatest openness and said yes to life.

Today, my sadhana is filled with the Guru’s grace. Every day, I choose to let my heart open to love, to new perspectives, to the flow of divine energy, and to pure joy.

Quebec, Canada

Years ago I dreamt that I was in a room with Gurumayi and a few other people. Gurumayi got up to leave and walked toward a closed door. I looked around at the others, who were all absorbed in their own thoughts. So I jumped up and opened the door for Gurumayi. She walked through and then turned around and looked at me. It seemed like an invitation to follow, but my fear of doing something inappropriate took over, and I watched Gurumayi walk away. I have often thought of that dream and wished I had followed her. It showed me how my thoughts can limit me.
Today, while contemplating the virtue of openness, I saw how I can still follow Gurumayi—despite that dream! I don’t have to wait for another dream, or for the opportunity to be in her physical presence, to be with her. At every moment she gives me the opportunity to follow the teachings that lead me to her.

Ohio, United States

I took the word openness into my meditation this morning so that I could gain a deeper insight into this virtue. During my meditation, a sense arose that many years ago, I had tentatively opened a doorway for Gurumayi to enter. It seemed to me that, as the Guru’s grace entered through this open door, my whole experience of life had been transformed. 
After this imagery had subsided in meditation, I felt my whole being expand and open, and I felt ablaze with light, love, and pulsating energy. This feeling of light and love is still with me now as I write and go into my day.

Havant, United Kingdom

I see that the word open can be divided into the letter o and the word pen. I see the letter o as a calling to me, while the pen is a symbol of intelligence—that intelligence which blossoms when the mind opens fully and sees the divinity within, Kundalini Shakti.
Slowly but steadily, I experience this openness more and more every day.

Indore, India

When I repeated the word openness to myself, I imagined a green flower, a lotus, opening in my heart chakra.
I understand from this that I will protect this flower every day because it represents the greatness and beauty in me and in everyone. I see that this is the same greatness and beauty I experience in Gurumayi.
I am so grateful.

Vicenza, Italy