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Generosity of the Guru's Grace

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In 1993 I was staying at Shree Muktananda Ashram, and since I am Italian, I was given the seva of guiding visitors to the Ashram from Italy, into Bade Baba’s Temple. Two days later I guided the visitors into the Temple and gave a short introduction. Then we pranamed, chanted Om Namo Bhagavate Nityanandaya, and sat for meditation for ten minutes.
The moment I closed my eyes I suddenly found myself somewhere else. It was dark, and looking around, it was like being inside a cave with some light at the bottom. Walking backward was a great being I recognized as Bade Baba. He stopped walking, turned his head towards me—sending balls of blue light, one after the other. It was so beautiful! Then the meditation was over, and the Temple tour ended.
I love Bade Baba! I always remember his divine darshan.

Rome, Italy

On the morning of August 6, I spent some time looking at the beautiful blue picture of Bade Baba reclining in image 11. At the end of the day, when I tried to go to sleep, I could not relax. Then I began to breathe deeply and imagine my whole system relaxing with the prana flowing through it. Right from the beginning of this practice, I felt intensely aware of Bade Baba's body as though it were my body. The inner vision of this fusion with Bade Baba was bathed in blue, just as in the photograph that morning. I was filled with a calming, ecstatic energy that relaxed me so much that I wanted to continue for many more minutes than I usually would.
I woke the next morning feeling energized. I hadn't even asked for anything, and yet Bade Baba blessed me with this wonderful experience. I am so grateful for the kindness and compassion of Shri Guru.

London, United Kingdom

When I look at photographs of Bade Baba, I feel his supreme power. To join his state of quietness wherever I am, I have to dive deeply into my heart, beneath the waves of the external world. When I do my daily activities with the awareness of the breath and the mantra, a sweet inner vibration takes place. The prana shakti nourishes my mind and body; I feel calm and free.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for teaching us the benevolent wisdom of the Siddha Masters.

Rodez, France

This gallery triggered a flood of memories in me. I recall first coming before Bade Baba's chair with the arm extensions at his home in the little town of Ganeshpuri. Baba Muktananda had just taken mahasamadhi. Feeling bereft at Baba's recent passing, I sat with eyes closed before Bade Baba's chair.
A brilliant sapphire, the Blue Pearl, descended and hung before my inner eye for a long while. I was comforted as it drew me deeper and deeper within to a place of utter stillness and perfection. Thereafter, whenever the Blue Pearl has appeared to me, I recognize it as Bade Baba's darshan and allow it to lead me home to that place of peace.

Washington, USA

As I move through these images of our beloved Bade Baba, stillness arises in me, and a calm; even more than a feeling of peace, it's a state of oneness I recognize.  
My very first experience of meditation, and of that stillness, was in Bade Baba's Temple. It's a place I can return to within myself. 
As I read about Baba's experience of his Guru, and Gurumayi's teachings about him, their words pull me deeper inside. How blessed we are to receive this wisdom and Bade Baba's darshan!

New York, USA

When I focus on the photos of Bhagavan Nityananda, the mantra arises spontaneously within my being. I can feel his abundant blessings. Having his darshan, I experience silence and wisdom.
I’m grateful for such a divine darshan.

Amrawati, India