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Siddha Yogis Sharing Sadhana Experiences of Gurumayi's Message for 2019
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When Sweet Surprise ended, I was pulled into a deep meditation. I fell into a profound state of peace—as if I were in a velvety cave of silence at the heart of my being. Out of the silence, phrases from Gurumayi’s talk resounded within me as if they’d been impressed upon my soul. I knew these were important teachings for my sadhana and my life.

Then the mantra Gurumayi  gave us arose from the silence and began repeating itself in waves, which carried me to a vision of Gurumayi. We merged and the center of my sahasrara began to vibrate with the humming sound of bees. Everything then exploded into a brilliant, sparkling, all-pervasive, and ecstatic white light, which dissolved into an ocean of shimmering blue light. I experienced complete identity with That, the formless, free bliss of consciousness.

I knew this prasad was an experience of Gurumayi’s Message and a glorious blessing. I offer pranam to Gurumayi again and again for this experience, her Message for 2019, and her continual ocean of grace.

Illinois, United States

The cumulative effect of studying the Workbook on Gurumayi’s Message has been a gift with benefits across all aspects of my life.
During moments when I find myself thinking thoughts that do not serve me, I return to the mantra, breath, and mind, using that same mind to dissolve the thoughts and reunite with love and inner peace.
Each week I have been captivated and inspired by the variety of ways to relate to the topic at hand. Whether through physical, creative, or imaginative exercises, I have become increasingly aware of being with my own mind, and cultivating a relationship with my Self.
I am deeply grateful to Gurumayi, whose support and perspective infuse me with grace.

Washington, United States

For me, Sweet Surprise 2019 was a shower of grace.

As I sat waiting in the Universal Hall, I tasted the sweet nectar of my own heart saturating my being. This sublime feeling remained with me throughout the entire Sweet Surprise. I noticed that as Gurumayi was speaking, I was steeped in both wonder and delight. When there was silence, I would find my heart dancing in glory and bliss. When Gurumayi shared her Message, I saw inwardly a shining light in my mind. It was a golden, scintillating shimmer, and my entire body reverberated in this divine light.

Since January 1, I have made it a priority to practice Gurumayi’s Message every day, and I have noticed an increase in exalted states, as well as more transformation in my life.

California, United States

This morning I sat for meditation, as I do every morning. I had been feeling disturbed by a bad dream. I meditated with the Krishna Gayatri mantra and followed Gurumayi's guidance in her Message for 2019.  Gradually I began hearing my mind saying to me: "Don't worry. I am there with you." The disturbance dissolved, and I felt fearless.

Mumbai, India