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  • Gurupurnima 2024
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  • Gurupurnima 2024

Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom

Baba Muktananda’s Darshan and Wisdom
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Baba’s words have profound meaning for me as I grapple with the events in Israel and Gaza. As I think of all the people, animals, and the very air and ether vibrating with devastation, Baba’s words ring with truth: “Where is that place where there is no Self? Who is there who does not have this Self?”

I am grateful that Baba’s incredible wisdom is available to us at this difficult time, enabling me to steady my mind so I can formulate and send forth divine prayers with the deepest longing of my heart.

Colorado, United States

As I was meditating and repeating the mantra this evening, I noticed that love began to flow in my heart. This experience of pure, spontaneous love is what gives my life a deeper meaning. This love is so fulfilling that deep contentment suffuses me; I experience inner peace and a merging with the infinite space of God.

Konolfingen, Switzerland

Recently, before I fell asleep, I read and reflected on Baba’s words about chanting. As I gazed at the accompanying image of Baba—arrayed in brightly colored robes and holding a tambourine, his arms raised in the bliss of chanting—I felt stirrings of joy. The next morning, I chanted for an extended period of time and then glided very easefully into meditation. Afterward, I felt bright, alive, and full of love. I felt this was an experience of the Kundalini, which I was able to take into the rest of my day. In fact, I believe that it helped me to find solutions to some of the challenges that lay before me. Even now, I am still experiencing the love and support of the Kundalini.

Warrnambool, Australia

I love this teaching in image 12!  I experience the truth of Baba’s words. Every night, I chant with Shri Gurumayi via DVD, and I feel the Kundalini Shakti becoming pleased with the vibrations of the chant. As the chant goes on, I feel pulled more and more into meditation.

Evening chanting prepares me for my final meditation before going to sleep.

St. Laurent, Canada

As I read Baba’s teachings, I realized that by contemplating, absorbing, and then gaining tremendous insight from his teachings, I become filled with rasa, which leads me to the experience of having Baba’s darshan! Jnana leads me to bhakti!

San Felipe, Mexico

In viewing this gallery of Baba’s photos, I looked at each of them, reading Baba’s words, and thinking about what I have received since 1985, when I came to this wonderful path through Gurumayi’s guidance. Suddenly I was crying and a weight that had been on my heart that day lifted. Then I was looking at Baba’s eyes, Baba’s smile, Baba as he chanted… I never met Baba personally, but I know him through his words and through shaktipat, this great experience I received.

Images began coming back, so present to my awareness, such as Baba’s Samadhi Shrine in Ganeshpuri, and the beautiful experience I had at a Siddha Yoga European Retreat in Sitges when Siddha Yogis who had met Baba shared their experiences. Baba felt so alive, so close to me in my life.

Paris, France

Recently we’ve been babysitting our twenty-one-month-old grandson, who’s been captivated throughout his short life by the photos and books of Baba and Gurumayi. He always seems to gravitate to them on the bookshelf and pull them out to gaze at Baba!
This week he can't seem to get enough of the photo gallery of Baba. Whenever he sees the computer, he asks for “Baba ji” and delights in each and every one of the photos. We are truly blessed to see that recognition in a small child’s eyes, a deep knowing that transcends time and space!

North Carolina, United States

What a morning this has been! I have been in total bliss since I began to view these photos of Baba. In doing so, I relived many moments that I experienced with Baba in Gurudev Siddha Peeth: chanting with Baba, walking behind him as he went around the gardens, watching him feed Vijaya the elephant with so much love.
At one point I felt as if Baba were standing right in front of me, and I could feel his love flowing to me.

 Mumbai, India

As I looked at each one of these precious photos and read Baba’s words, memories arose of the time I spent offering seva in Gurudev Siddha Peeth thirty years ago. I can recall the sacred stillness of Baba’s Samadhi Shrine and my experience of meditating there. The six months I lived in Gurudev Siddha Peeth are the touchstone I return to again and again in my life.

 New Jersey, United States

After viewing each of the images and reading Baba’s words, my heart swells with emotion. I have longed for years to know Baba better, and these images give me a precious and sacred darshan.  

 New York, United States