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Bhagavan Nityananda's Darshan and Wisdom

Bhagavan Nityananda's Darshan and Wisdom
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I woke up one morning with a painful health condition. The doctors could not find the cause for it, and they were concerned. I prayed to Bade Baba. In my prayer, I felt guided to recite Shri Guru Gita, and I did.
The next morning the pain was gone. The doctors who saw me again were in shock, for the threat had disappeared! “What did you do?” they asked. I just smiled. When I went to the reception to ask about the bill, I was told, “No charge!”
I ran down the hall to the exit, chanting Om Namo Bhagavate Nityanandaya in gratitude and joy.

Florida, United States

Last year my daughter and grandson moved to a faraway country. My grandson was feeling very lonely, and I was worried about his situation.

I decided to write a letter to Bhagavan Nityananda and put it on my puja. I asked Bade Baba to help my grandson through his loneliness and to help him make friends.
A few weeks later my grandson met a young person his age. She invited him to meet up at a park with some of her local friends. The meeting was on July 24, the day of Bade Baba’s lunar punyatithi! When my daughter told me about these events, I remembered my letter to Bade Baba and felt touched by the Guru’s love.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A few days ago, I had a dream in which I saw Bade Baba's radiant face very close to my right ear. He said to me, "Do not be so critical toward yourself."
Since receiving this gift of Bade Baba's guidance, I have been applying his words to my heart—like a sacred balm—when I find I am judging myself harshly.

Milan, Italy

The meaning of Bade Baba’s name—Nityananda, eternal bliss—reminds me that his pure manifestation of the bliss of Consciousness is everlasting. Receiving his darshan always draws my awareness toward my heart, and I feel his generosity leading me into an intimate relationship with God. It keeps me moving forward on the path of sadhana.

Rodez, France

Many years ago I was invited to offer seva in the Bhagavan Nityananda Temple at Shree Muktananda Ashram. Prior to that, I had not had much experience of Bade Baba’s darshan. As we proceeded to bathe, anoint, and dress the murti, I felt a gentle stillness fill me. When I and the person training me stepped back to gaze at Bade Baba, I turned to her and said in amazement, “My mind is so still. I have no thoughts—just silence and stillness.” “Yes,” she said. “That is Bade Baba.” For thirty-five years I offered that sweet seva. He has remained with me always.

Oregon, United States

As I viewed the pictures in this gallery, I recalled my first Siddha Yoga Shaktipat Intensive. In one of the meditations, I saw Bade Baba in my mind’s eye, stepping out of his portrait that was hung over the Guru's seat. 

As Gurumayi recommends in the words quoted next to Image 30, I often focus on Bade Baba in meditation and experience his presence and his radiant form or face. Recently during meditation I saw Bade Baba, made of beautiful blue light, with hands raised in the mudra of blessing.

I trust that everything is in Bhagavan Nityananda's hands; in my experience, he is always near me. I am ever grateful to this great Siddha's guiding grace.

Pennsylvania, United State

I am very grateful for these beautiful images of Bade Baba and his teachings. Bade Baba has been a big source of love and support for me in my sadhana. He is ever present when I pray to him. I have a room in my home dedicated to him and it’s where I go to feel his comforting presence.
I have had experiences when he would hold me as I was going through pain, whether physical or emotional. I felt that he supported me through those times and then freed me of that karma. Sometimes I felt that he gazed into my eyes from his pictures, and it felt like darshan with Gurumayi in person. 
He has brought me so much peace and love. I feel so blessed to have known about him in this lifetime, and so grateful for his ongoing presence.

Washington, United States

After my morning meditation, I have been bathing in the teachings on the Siddha Yoga path website. This is like taking my morning shower—I feel pure, refreshed, and energized, and I am ready to begin my day with a renewed outlook. I feel I have God’s presence to guide me, and I see God’s divine hand in everything.
This fills me with tremendous gratitude for the Siddha Yoga path website.

Florida, United States

I have always loved looking at the photos of Bade Baba with children. It’s so clear to me how much he loved children. Today I realized that during the time of Bade Baba’s life, I was a young child. Now when I see these photos, I picture myself as a little child with Bade Baba. I feel protected and loved.

Maryland, United States

I am grateful to Bade Baba for these great teachings and for showering his blessings upon me and giving me inner strength. I feel as though his eyes speak to me and his presence is always around me.

Nashik, India