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  • September 2023
  • September 2023
  • September 2023

Sweet Surprise 2023

Sweet Surprise 2023
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Recently, I took the time once again to watch the Sweet Surprise video. 

The gentle sounds of the chimes soothed my mind. It felt as though the images of the vastness of the universe manifested in my innermost being.
Inside and outside seemed to merge into a single space. This vast space that I experienced was filled with silence, harmony, contentment, gratitude, and love. It became clear to me that this state of inner silence is the goal of my deepest longing. In this inner silence I feel so close to God that all my resistance melts away. My heart opens trustingly, and I realize that I am Shiva.

Konolfingen, Switzerland

The sound of the chimes quieted my mind. The images of the universe took me deep within. Then, as I listened to the words of Gurumayi’s Message, I glided deeper and deeper into my heart. I felt my heart opening, making room for Gurumayi’s blessings, love, and compassion.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

As I received Gurumayi’s Message for 2023 again, I experienced Shri Guru’s words coursing through my being. I became a musical instrument and Guru’s grace—in the form of her words—was playing notes which produced the sound of chimes. My consciousness expanded into the universe of numerous stars and planets that were visible to me on the screen.
I realized that receiving Gurumayi’s Message for 2023 at this time of the year is a blessing for starting anew by refreshing my sadhana. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our beloved Gurumayi ji for showering her grace so compassionately and generously.

New York, United States

I’ve come to realize that I may have a habit of brooding on negative experiences rather than recalling the happier ones. As I was in the metro, riding to a family reunion, I saw my reflection in some glass and my face was not a happy one. I looked inside and recognized that I was not unhappy—I’d just been brooding on negative thoughts. So I decided to think of all the nice things that had happened in the last month.
Suddenly, I realized that I had received a lot of presents from life: some dear friends visiting, the loving presence of my children, success in some endeavor, nice cool weather, an invitation to spend some time in a beautiful place, and now the perspective of this joyous family reunion. As I remembered all these blessings, a soft smile started to light up my face and my reflection in the glass became much more pleasant. In very little time, my mood had changed completely and I was experiencing “the friendship of the mind.”

Marlanval, France

It was so refreshing to reconnect with Gurumayi’s Message for 2023. Through Gurumayi’s soothing voice, each part of the Message became further grounded deep within my being. As I sat in silence contemplating each line, I realized that it is possible to re-experience the precious Message that our beloved Gurumayi has given us this year. My longing, combined with regular self-effort, will make this happen.

Nairobi, Kenya

When I saw the galaxy in the video just now, I had a completely fresh impression compared to my previous viewings. To me it seems like a depiction of birth. I see two main arms coming from the center or heart of the upper galaxy. They remind me of a mother and father. The lower part reminds me of a bird’s nest with an egg in it.
I like the very slow motion around the galaxy at the end of the video. It slows me down and gives me a feeling of harmony and dignity.

Hindelang, Germany

I have just watched Sweet Surprise 2023 once again and I noticed this time how each of the cosmic “arms” that seem to be carrying the stars are drawn into the center and become one with it. It reminds me of Baba’s wish for “a world full of saints.”
I pray that we may follow the teachings of Shri Guru Vachan to make our hearts pure and our minds become friends with the Self in order to reach the ultimate goal of our sadhana.
Sweet Surprise 2023 ended with the image of the sun. I pray not only that its light be the center of every thought, word, and action, but that, with the Guru’s grace, it may spread through each of us and out into the world.

Melbourne, Australia