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Meditating on the Breath
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As I focused my awareness on the merging of my inhalation and exhalation, I could feel my habitual tendency of noticing differences fall away.
From that space of merging, I perceived the luxuriousness and holiness of the breath, and I rested in an expansive, peaceful state.
It felt like the plant on my desk, the voices from the room next door, my thoughts, and everything in my awareness merged into the same tapestry of energy as my breath.

New York, United States

I am very grateful for this supportive exposition on the breath and the Hamsa mantra. It was challenging for me to envision the outward breath first moving up and then down until I closed my eyes and followed its rhythm. I'm focusing on the pauses between the breaths and feel amazing stillness and peace. I observe the Observer having an experience of meditation.

Georgia, United States

When I focused on the place where the two breaths merge, a cool, limpid, tranquil energy arose. Within this space, sparkling blue lights flashed forth. My mind became still.

Sydney, Australia