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  • April 2024
  • April 2024

Renewing the Inner and Outer Landscape

April 21Questioning, Persisting, Understanding...
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In these demanding times, what grace it is to have a living Guru!
This morning, as I was meditating after reciting Shri Guru Gita, this phrase arose from within me: “Between heaven and earth, I dwell in my heart.” I repeated this phrase over and over. It comforted me.
Tonight, as I read this new teaching by Gurumayi, I felt an echo of this morning’s revelation.
“What am I doing here?” I dwell in my heart, and in this sacred dwelling place resides my beloved Guru.

Montreal, Canada

I read this amazing teaching as the full moon was shining in through my window. I felt as if Gurumayi’s words were uniting the celestial universe with my very own mind.
I learn from this teaching how to be in communion with my sadhana companions while holding the awareness that the full light of the Guru is within me. I am so grateful for my Guru’s compassion and her constant presence in my life.

New York, United States

Since my release from prison, I have been a regular participant in Sadhana Circles. They always help to improve my understanding, assimilation, and implementation of the Siddha Yoga teachings.

And now Gurumayi has given us so many more teachings that we can study in the Sadhana Circles. I will be studying this wonderful teaching in order to bring freshness to our next meeting.

The process of spiritual growth is so blissful! I am so grateful, and so determined to grow.

Oregon, United States

“How will I know what I need to know?”

As I contemplate this question from Gurumayi, I recall that insights have arisen at the most unexpected times in my life, and I believe this will continue to happen.

I realize that it is always my responsibility to be vigilant, to pay attention to what arises, and to take it into my heart. With my Guru’s grace and my self-effort and curiosity, I have faith that all that needs to be revealed will be when the time is right.

There are times when I experience frustration, when it feels like my sadhana has plateaued, when life seems to be going a bit sideways. It is then my duty “to stay the course,” continue to engage with the practices, remember my good fortune at having received shaktipat initiation from my Guru—and to never take any of this for granted.

West Vancouver, Canada

“May my mind take refuge in the perfectness of the divine hand in my life.” These words from Gurumayi are a balm for me.

There have been changes in my work setting, and I’ve been wondering whether it would affect me. On one hand, I’ve been a bit worried. On the other hand, I have been telling myself that grace is with me and that everything will work out in one way or another.

When I read Gurumayi's words, I felt them go straight into my heart. It was like Gurumayi was right with me. I felt deeply reassured and affirmed that things will work out. I felt I was not just giving myself an optimistic pep talk; I was telling myself the Truth.

I have been reading this sentence again and again, especially the phrase “…the perfectness of the divine hand in my life.” It is so beautiful, and I feel so close to Gurumayi when I read it.

California, United States

I awoke this morning with a strong desire to transcend the internal monologue in my mind. This kind of monologue results in my state going up and down, for example, with thoughts of things going well or not well, or with imagined justifications and defenses.

Reading Gurumayi’s teaching, I really want to take a full seat within my mind, my conversations, and my actions. The “questioning, persisting, understanding” that is illumined by the Heart and guided by the teachings of the Guru is truly the most exciting adventure I could ever embark upon!

Langwarrin, Australia