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  • December 2023
  • December 2023
  • December 2023

Season’s Greetings 2023
from Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

Season's Greetings 2023
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I feel that the exquisite flowers, which ignite the sacred flame, are symbols of divine grace and beauty.

Russian Federation

This morning, seeing Gurumayi's Season’s Greetings, I contemplated how much light it would spread. Seeing each lamp being lit reminded me that Gurumayi has lit my own light. I thought about how the flame that the Guru has lit within me and others can in turn help to bring greater light to the world. 

Lockwood South, Australia

I feel that this year’s Season’s Greetings video is alive, spreading its vibrations all across the planet. I believe that it has the power to deeply touch so many hearts. It seems to me that it emanates a mystical, unseen force which illuminates my soul with flames of love, peace, and tranquility.

Mersin, Turkey

I was filled with joy to see this Season’s Greeting’s gift from Gurumayi. The sounds and moving images in this video took me back to December 1989 when I sent Gurumayi a red heart with the words Jyota se Jyota Jagao on it, asking the Guru to light the flame of my heart with her flame. All these years later, I feel that my flame is not only still alight, but that it continues to intensify. In fact, I feel more and more of the Guru’s love.
Gurumayi's Season’s Greetings video is so simple and joyful that it opens my heart with a sigh of love every time I watch it.

San Giorgio a Cremano, Italy

As the lamps were being lit in this beautiful video, I kept thinking about the hymn, Jyota se Jyota Jagao—"Light my lamp from your lamp.”
Also, the wonderful variety of lamps seemed to me to represent the wonderful variety of Siddha Yogis around the world—with the Guru's grace taking the perfect form to kindle the love in each heart.

Oregon, United States

The first time that I watched this powerful video, I thought that the sparks from each flower, lighting the lamps or candles, were so beautiful. But then, when the flower lit the Menorah, I realized that for me, there was more to it than just what I was seeing. 
So, I watched the video again. As I did so, I felt that each flower's spark represented Gurumayi's love. Every time these sparks of love lit a candle or lamp, I felt like it was igniting the love in my own heart.  
I also experienced that the mandala made up of many om signs, with one central om in the middle, felt like Gurumayi gathering together the Siddha Yoga sangham from all over the world. At the end of the video, I felt the Guru’s love pulsating in my heart.

Washington, United States