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A Sweet Surprise 2013

Gurumayi's Talk in A Sweet Surprise Satsang
New Year's Day in Shree Muktananda Ashram

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I have been revisiting the Archives on the Siddha Yoga path website, and I reread Gurumayi’s talk “Infinite Blue Heart.” I understood the story of Raja the snake in a way I never had thought of before. The story demonstrates to me that when we hold on too tightly, we don’t allow room for grace to flow and for darshan in the heart to ultimately occur.  We need to loosen our grip, to let go of our concepts, control, and limiting notions. When we do, there is nothing but grace, amazing grace, and we are infinitely connected to the Guru in our hearts.

Shree Muktananda Ashram

My faith was tested so much this year that I almost gave up on my path to Self-realization. As the year comes to an end, Gurumayi's talk “Infinite Blue Heart” is a reminder to remember what truly matters and to be thankful for every breath as a blessing to each and every one of us. Gurumayi’s words strike at the core of disbelief and welcome us into the realm of love. 

New Mexico, USA

This morning while meditating, I asked Gurumayi for guidance in comprehending why my mind has been so agitated this year. After some time I read again Gurumayi’s talk, “Infinite Blue Heart.” She began her talk speaking of how the sky had another plan, different from hers. A comprehension arose in my heart: “Aha! That’s why my mind is so restless! I have a plan, but God's plan is different from mine!"

Something in my heart melted, and a sense of lightheartedness arose inside me.

Thank you, Gurumayi. 

Rome, Italy

Each time I begin to read Gurumayi's talk, “Infinite Blue Heart,” I think to myself, "I know this talk thoroughly now, but I'll read it again anyway." And each time, a fresh teaching arises from Gurumayi's words. Today, what stood out for me was Gurumayi's story about wanting to see the sunrise on New Year's morning, and how there were clouds in the way of the sun. Gurumayi modeled for us so beautifully how to respond to the clouds that seem to block the way to our heart's desires. When Gurumayi reached out to generous people around the world to share their photographs of the sunrise, many, many people were able to rejoice in the sunrise—either by sharing it or by viewing others' shares. A seeming obstacle provided an opportunity for so much joy on a much broader scale. 

May our practice of Gurumayi's Message for 2013 support us to find creative, expansive, and loving solutions that bring more joy than we had imagined. 

New York, USA

A couple of days ago, I was performing some chores in the garage, when I heard one of my favorite “connecting” sounds, the honking of geese flying overhead. I hurried out to watch their flight and bask in their primeval glory, when I noticed that the previously overcast sky was now turning into patches of deep blue with colorful sunny hues gracing the cloud edges. Eagerly I started searching for the "Infinite Blue Heart," but did not see one in the sky. Suddenly from within there arose a still small voice: "Look for the Infinite Blue Heart within." A smile of gratitude arose as I recognized this graceful truth.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your joyful presence.

New York, USA

What an extraordinary way to start 2013, with the Guru's teachings and our global sangham! My study group is studying the Message for 2013 as well as Gurumayi's talk, “Infinite Blue Heart.”

I decided do a mind map on the words of Gurumayi’s poem by looking them up in the dictionary and thesaurus.  What a world opened up! Each line of the poem expands out into beautiful virtues to live by, and by following them each day I will be living in God's sphere!

I plan to start my day repeating the poem and putting each line into practice as I go about my day.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for showing us how to create paradise on earth. Thank you, global sangham, for inspiring me and taking me deeper. And thank you, web team, for offering the seva that connects us all. 

Washington, USA

Truly, it is Amazing Grace—Guru's grace—that I experience every time I visit the Siddha Yoga path website. It is giving renewed focus to my sadhana on a daily basis. Every time I re-read Gurumayi's talk from the New Year's Day satsang, and the comments from devotees, I see something new. Today, the concept of “perseverance” stood out for me, because one of my tendencies is getting discouraged and giving up too easily. However, I am learning that, although I need to be more tenacious, I also need (like Raja) to surrender to grace and be “at ease.” Thanks to the Guru's message and strong support of grace, I have another practical way to pursue sadhana.

Thank you Gurumayi. Thank you sevites, and all.  

With much love and gratitude,
Connecticut, USA

Like the devotees from different parts of the world, I also found myself contemplating the story of Raja, the little python, during one of my meditation sessions. I realized that at the very deepest level we all are one. We may connect and communicate with each other by going within to the Heart.  In this way, we are connected not only with our fellow human beings, but also with the animal kingdom and nature.
Further, if we make the right effort, along with Shri Guru’s grace (Amazing Grace), we become vehicles to support each other in the process of liberation and to experience true darshan.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for this amazing story to connect us with the “Infinite Blue Heart.” 

Udaipur, India

During the month of December, I had been practicing all month breathing in “love” and breathing out “gratitude” to be able to receive the New Year in a clearer state of mind and heart!

Thank you, Gurumayi, for reminding me that all I have to do is enter the space of the beautiful “Infinite Blue Heart” and I will always find the Guru guiding me to my Inner Self! 

Caracas, Venezuela

I just learned that according to the Chinese Zodiac, 2013 is the Year of the Snake—which signals a year of transition, wisdom, and introspection.

Thank you, Gurumayi and Raja, for welcoming us into this watershed time of transformation and inner growth. 

New Mexico, USA

Thank you, Raja, for teaching me about perseverance as well as letting go.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for the amazing grace-filled lives we now lead.

With love,
Ripley, United Kingdom

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound.” In a local singing group we sing and perform this divine song regularly. It has always moved me so very deeply in the heart as I feel the Guru's grace each time I sing it. I've often felt my heart illumine me as I sing this song for God with such gratitude. 

 Gurumayi's words gave me the potent reminder of the magic of what I am singing and why it is so very sacred to me.  Now when I sing “Amazing Grace,” I will feel the love and heart of the global sangham singing this, too.  And this morning, lo and behold, the sky was filled with clouds at dawn. My eyes looked beyond the tall eucalyptus to a marvelous heart shape. It was filled with....yes, infinite blue. What a truly blessed path we walk.

Bellbrae, Australia

Yesterday night, while I was reading the comments of Siddha Yogis from around the world about Gurumayi´s talk “Infinite Blue Heart,” I felt in a very vivid way as if I were in a satsang in the presence of the Guru. The sensation was almost physical. I imagine it must have been just like this in ancient times, when disciples were seated around the Master listening to him teach under the shade of a tree on a beautiful day.
The first time I had this same sensation was during the celebration of Gurumayi´s birthday last year. That is when we began to receive videos, stories, pictures, and many other things through the Siddha Yoga path website. Yesterday, I experienced we have been having a loving and timeless satsang with Gurumayi all this time.
Thank you, Gurumayi,

Mexico City, Mexico

This morning, I am filled with deep gratitude for all of you from India, Australia, Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, and other places, for your vibrant and loving shares on this website. Your words enliven my remembrance of our deep connection as Siddha Yoga students in our global sangham, walking this golden path together, drinking in Gurumayi's words and grace. We are all indeed living in our beloved's “Infinite Blue Heart.” 

New York, USA

Reading the "Infinite Blue Heart" talk on the Siddha Yoga path website, I was deeply touched by Gurumayi's description of what happened between her and Raja, the little python she had on her lap during the Christmas Day darshan.

For me, it illustrates perfectly the attitude towards life I wish to develop: to stay open to the situation, to be able to turn inside, and to respond from the Heart without any preconceived idea.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for offering us such a practical example of welcoming the needs of the present moment. 

Paris, France

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your loving command; for the sweet responsibility of practicing your Message with discipline, and in this way reaching our own resolutions for 2013.

With all my love,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Siddha Yoga path website is set as my homepage, so I see it first when I turn on my computer. I see the Infinite Blue Heart talk and think, “I already read it a few times.” But my heart tells me to open it anyway, and I’m welcomed into the meditation hall with Gurumayi once again. Gurumayi’s words convey such love and joy. The music and photographs radiate such powerful loving energy.

Gurumayi said that life isn’t always easy, but it is always great. This gives me courage. I tended to think that difficulties should never bother me on the spiritual path, that if I was “doing it right” I could be joyous all the time. By acknowledging that life isn’t always easy, I feel free to let my emotions be what they are. By saying that life is always great, Gurumayi reminds me to experience that greatness in any situation. The practices are available to me at all times, in so many ways. This website is one of my favorite practices now. 

My meditation may be distracted, I may feel dry or sad; but when I explore this website, I am drawn deep inside. My feelings change. The great joy and honor of Gurumayi’s company lifts me up in ways I cannot lift myself. All I have to do is click somewhere on the website, and life becomes great again. I feel understood, loved, and connected. Thank you, Gurumayi. And thanks to all of you who make up this global sangham. 

Florida, USA

I am a devotee from rural NSW in Australia. I have just read Gurumayi’s story about the python Raja wanting to hear the song “Amazing Grace” being sung.  
I have often sung this song throughout my life, and it has deep significance and potency for me
. I feel in awe of the amazing grace that has flowed into my life since first learning about Gurumayi, and the transformation that has taken place in my life since then. I truly owe my existence to Gurumayi and am forever indebted to her amazing grace. The song says:

 “I once was lost, but now am found, was blind, but now I see.”

Through Gurumayi’s divine grace, we are able to see the world with a fresh perspective and pierce the veil of illusion that makes us blind to the reality of the oneness of the Heart.
The fact that my birthday is New Year’s Day adds more auspiciousness for me to this special tale.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

With all my love,
Uralla, Australia

Thank you, Gurumayi, for teaching us so many things. In a previous talk (about Storm Sandy) you taught us how to pray, and in this talk you teach us how to come forward for darshan.

Dhanyawaad, Gurumayiji!

Ulhasnagar, India

I attended A Sweet Surprise satsang at the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Oakland and felt as if I was swimming in bliss for the rest of that day, only to wake up the next morning deeply sad. And I kept asking myself, what happened to the bliss?

Yesterday, I read Gurumayi's talk, Infinite Blue Heart; and while reading her words, I could feel a glimmer of bliss piercing through the sadness. Today, I read another devotee’s share about Raja and found myself relating to the snake and how tightly I hold onto sadness. If I could only let go. And then it happened! At first I gave myself permission to feel completely sad instead of judging myself for the way I was feeling. I began practicing the A Sweet Surprise Message; and ever so softly, like silent snow falling, the grip of sadness gradually released and the sadness melted into the sweetest pool of longing and bliss in my heart. This feeling has continued throughout the day.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for reminding me my life is always great, even when it's not easy. And thank you, Raja. I live with eleven animals and listen to each one, for they all teach me something.

With love,
California, USA

I had an earnest desire to visit the website, but the place we are in has a very low internet connection. Usually, after a few minutes, the internet gets disconnected. But surprisingly, this time for “Infinite Blue Heart,” it went through all the way. Such is the grace that can be seen in small things.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

With much gratitude,
California, USA

The story of Raja particularly intrigued me because Gurumayi told the story just before the practice of darshan. I understand the python, whose name is Raja, as our persistent desires, feelings, and thoughts that we cannot let go of, or that don't seem to want to let go of us.
In the story, Gurumayi is showing us a way of allowing these desires, thoughts, and emotions to "let go" of us in a natural way that relates directly to the Message. She goes within and asks the snake what it really wants. In the same way, when faced with a particularly "gripping" thought pattern or desire, I can go within and ask myself what is the true wish behind it. 
It seems to me that what Raja wanted was to experience grace in the heart through the subtle vibrations of a song, which we sang together. It was this action of singing, which was an offering, that prepared us for the practice and experience of darshan.

New York, USA

Yesterday four of us gathered for an informal satsang, and we decided that we would like to read Gurumayi's New Year’s day talk together. So we took turns reading it out loud. Afterward, each of us shared about what resonated for us especially strongly. Then we joined our voices together and sang "Amazing Grace" before we began our regular practices.

Thank you for the amazing power of the Siddha Yoga sangham, which I have the great good fortune to experience both in person and "virtually."

Massachusetts, USA

When I read Gurumayi's words that the Message takes on a life of its own, I realized that I can contribute to that, through contemplation, practice, and exploration of the Message. It feels exciting and encouraging.

California, USA

Like the devotee from New York, I also found myself contemplating the story of Raja, the python. (Raja, you're a star!) For me, the story of the serpent whose coils could be relaxed and released in a controlled fashion only by Amazing Grace was a lighthearted living "tail" about Shaktipat. As Gurumayi says: "By the end of the song, he had let go completely."

Arizona, USA

A friend told me that A Sweet Surprise satsang has changed his life. It sounded a bit funny to me that someone would say something like this just a few days afterwards. Then I participated in the satsang yesterday, and it HAS changed my life. Amazing grace – how sweet the sound.

Thank you, Gurumayi. 

Cologne, Germany

I was contemplating the story about the python, Raja, who wrapped his tail around Gurumayi's shawl and wouldn't let go until the song "Amazing Grace" was sung. Then something clicked in my mind and I thought—this story is about Trust! Trust that the Guru's amazing grace always flows from the Guru to the disciple. You don't have to "cling" to the Guru to receive this grace. No matter how far you physically may be from the Guru, it will reach you because the Guru's grace is truly amazing!

New York, USA

I visited the Siddha Yoga path website just before bedtime and was delighted to see all the beautiful pictures and read Gurumayi's New Year's Day talk. When Gurumayi described the Blue Heart, my heart immediately began to tingle with delight and I was transported to a beautiful realm. It was a sweet reminder of how God speaks to us so eloquently through nature.
As I continued to read I felt my heart expanding more and more and a deep sense of gratitude welled up from within. Thank you, Gurumayi, for your wonderful words and your powerful message. Thank you also to all the great hearts at Shree Muktananda Ashram whose seva makes this website possible. It truly is appreciated. What a blissful way to end the day. Love and blessings to you all.

Bognor Regis, United Kingdom

I was filled with wonder reading Gurumayi's description of the blue heart in the clouds. It was like I was there seeing it myself; the color, the shape, the depth. My mind became quiet and my being filled with love.

Afterwards, I decided to follow Gurumayi's lead and meditate on the blue heart. Very gently I settled into a place of deeper serenity and contentment.

Thank you Gurumayi for welcoming us to the Infinite Blue Heart.

With love and gratitude,
Vancouver, Canada

What an exquisite and poignant addition to an ever expanding New Year's Message!  Thank you very much for sharing this warm and loving talk by Gurumayi. I so admire and love the way Gurumayi shares her experiences and infuses them into teachings that go straight to the heart.

Thank you, Thank you. Thank you.

New York, USA

I’m fascinated that the first two shares about the “Infinite Blue Heart” both mention reading Gurumayi's talk with their spouse. While my husband and I usually visit the Siddha Yoga path website individually, this time we also read Gurumayi's New Year's Day talk together. 
What strikes me is how connected we all are in our practice of sadhana around the globe. It's incredibly powerful how Gurumayi is both taking us deep within and also uniting us through the website.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your amazing Message and amazing grace. What a privilege to practice your teachings. We are truly blessed.

California, USA

It is like having a great feast to read the experience shares from Siddha Yogis around the world on the elements that are shared on the Siddha Yoga path website. Now, when I come back home from the recitation of Shri Guru Gita, the first thing I do is to check the website for a possible new gift waiting there.
This morning, when I opened the website, to my heart's delight what was waiting for me to bask in was Gurumayi’s talk. I started to read it aloud so my wife could also hear it. As I was reading, I experienced the tremendous love, care, compassion, grace, and guidance that were flowing through those words. My voice was trembling, and I had to make an effort to continue to read. Actually, I had to stop at one point for a few moments before I could continue reading further.
Thank you, Gurumayi-ji, for giving me the experience once again of the amount of love you have for us and we have for you.

Ganeshpuri, India

On this beautiful Sunday morning, one of the first things my husband and I did was visit the Siddha Yoga path website. To our delight there was another talk from Gurumayi. The talk is named “Infinite Blue Heart.” How beautiful! We were so excited, and my husband started reading it out loud. While I was listening, my heart expanded and I experienced so much joy and gratitude. I was transported to Shri Nilaya, and my heart jumped with joy.

After reading Gurumayi's talk several times myself, my heart was still filled with joy and gratitude. Then I read the experience of the visiting sevite from New York. The sevite describes a red-tailed hawk gliding effortlessly above the hall after Gurumayi had taken her seat. Descending, he made three circles before landing on the skylight nearest to Gurumayi’s seat.

This happened right after Siddha Yogis in Shree Muktananda Ashram had received Gurumayi's Message for 2013 and before chanting. I believe we were given a message from nature. Later, I looked up the meaning of seeing a hawk. To my sweet surprise, I learned that the hawk symbolizes truth, alertness, and awareness.

With all my heart, thank you, Gurumayi, for your loving and ongoing guidance and for connecting us in a deeper way with nature.

A very blessed 2013!

Makkum, Netherlands

I’m a visiting sevite at Shree Muktananda Ashram and had the good fortune to participate in A Sweet Surprise satsang at the Ashram. During the pause in the satsang, much to everyone’s surprise and delight, Gurumayi arrived in Sri Nilaya and took her seat. As I re-entered the hall I noticed that Gurumayi was looking up toward the sky through the skylights atop Sri Nilaya. I too looked up and saw a stunning and majestic red-tailed hawk gliding effortlessly above the hall. Descending, he made three circles before landing on the skylight nearest to Gurumayi’s seat. As I saw this, I felt great comfort. We had just received Gurumayi’s Message for 2013. The atmosphere was scintillating with its essence. Nature was drawing near to bask in the glow of this great benevolence and benediction. I feel deeply blessed. 

New York, USA