Sharing About A Sweet Surprise 2016

What an abundance of grace! I participated in A Sweet Surprise Satsang in the early hours of the morning in my meditation room at home. During the satsang, I became aware of a strong energy within—it was centered in my heart and extended through the length of my body, filling me with love and joy. I understood that it was the Guru’s presence within.

As I listened to Gurumayi’s words from this loving space, I became more and more aware that Gurumayi was carefully laying down paving stones. Gurumayi was making my path forward in sadhana abundantly clear. It is a distinct path, straight to the Self. And then there was more! It felt like Gurumayi’s words were merging into the energy within and becoming part of me. As I assimilated Gurumayi’s words, I felt like my path was being illumined with brilliant light.

a Siddha Yogi from Horsham, Australia

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