Sharing About A Sweet Surprise 2016

I participated in A Sweet Surprise Satsang in my home in Germany via live audio stream. The enthusiastic sounds of the conch in the beginning awakened a burst of joy in me that streamed through my whole being. I picked up my little puja bell and accompanied the sounds of the live audio stream with immense delight. As is true every time I participate in a live audio stream satsang with Gurumayi, a sense of closeness, contentment, and love welled up in me. I felt very blessed to hear Gurumayi speak and sing in my meditation room, through my ears, and directly into my heart. I was so present in the satsang. And, as always, Gurumayi’s laughter made me laugh out loud too.

Toward the end of a very sweet meditation, I felt a sensation in the crown of my head, the space of the sahasrara. I felt as if I were being touched there. I was sure that this was Gurumayi’s touch. I am aware how precious this gift is and will cherish this experience deep in my heart.

a Siddha Yogi from Bad Hindelang, Germany

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