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Baba’s Moon Gallery I

2016 Baba Birthday Moon Gallery 2
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The day of Baba's lunar birthday felt so silent. My heart was very quiet  and peaceful. In the evening, I chanted in my meditation room and afterwards, I noticed twinkling light shining through the curtains. It was the rising of Baba’s full moon! And the twinkling was caused by the gentle wind-blown movement of the leaves in the trees outside my window.

When I looked outside, the moon was immensely beautiful. There was so much light that all the plants were clearly visible. I decided to take photos from this vantage point—from my meditation room. In the immense beauty of this moonlight, I stayed watching beyond midnight, accompanied by Baba's familiar, compassionate voice on a CD.

Then today, while taking in the photos on this gallery, I was close to tears. Watching the photos scroll by is like strolling around the world. I am filled with great joy and gratitude, knowing that many Siddha Yogis have watched this same moon through so many different landscapes, from so many angles, for so many days, in so many different places—each remembering Baba, loving Baba, and being loved by Baba.

Hindelang, Germany