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Nature Celebrates Gurupurnima in Shree Muktananda Ashram

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When I discovered these photos, I was touched by the power they revealed. I could see and feel the manifestation of supreme light everywhere, on earth and in the sky.

I listened to my heart's desire and joined that celebration of Gurupurnima with all the elements. My heart expanded to become part of the sacred light and to shine forth in unity with nature. I could hear a deep and silent song of praise emanating both from my being and from all around. This reverent offering to the all-pervasive supreme Guru led me to a state of great joy.

Rennes, France

One photo in this series took my breath away. It was so powerful. Golden clouds rising above the Temple melted into soft peach, then soft gray with open, powder-blue sky beyond. I could not take my eyes off this image. So strong was the pull into my heart, I closed my eyes.
In my inner vision I saw myself going into the Temple and walking up to the murti of Bhagavan Nityananda. As I bowed, my entire being melted into expanded peace. Gradually, I became aware that this peaceful state was filled with light. I was still at Bhagavan Nityananda's feet, but the Temple was now resting inside my inner heart at the center of my being.
To feel his powerful, sweet presence within my being no matter where I am—what a blessing, in this sacred life!

Illinois, USA