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Dawn and Sunrise
New Year’s Day Gallery

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What a beautiful way to bring us all together! Viewing these images from all over the world deepened my experience of what it means when we speak about gathering in the Universal Hall.
I can see that no matter where we are in the world, the same great sun showers us with its grace and blessings. These images remind me of God's constant presence in our lives.

Wisconsin, USA

This morning I decided to start my day by viewing the “Dawn and Sunrise New Year's Day Gallery.” Afterwards, I felt so connected to nature and to the global sangham—so many Siddha Yogis in so many corners of the earth sharing such a diverse array of beautiful images of this new start for us all.

Toronto, Canada

Viewing the sunrise photos was meditative and also brought me a deep sense of connection with Siddha Yogis all over the planet. I experienced gratitude as I thought of each photographer rising before dawn to take these lovely photographs.
Thank you, Gurumayi.

Florida, USA

When I look at these pictures—from such a beautiful diversity of settings—my heart gets very full. I see the same sun rising and bestowing its blessings, warmth, and energy on the whole world and everyone in it.
I revel in our oneness and send my blessings back to the world, to the universe, and to everyone.

Pennsylvania, USA

I'm so grateful for these beautiful dawn photographs. What a wonderful world we live in!

During the New Year’s sunrise, I repeated Guru Om while sitting by a hot spring and listening to the birds awaken to a new day. How divine and serene it was!

Melbourne, Australia

I love this tradition of the Dawn and Sunrise New Year's Day Gallery! It's so beautiful to run outside first thing in the morning to greet my friend, the sun. I'm brought into a state of joy and childlike wonder. It is such a wonderful way to begin a sparkling new year.

Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for giving us so many ways to connect to love. Happy New Year!

New York, USA

Today I had an exquisite experience of photographing the sunrise for the New Year's Day Gallery. I left home before sunrise to take the long bus drive to Manhattan to attend A Sweet Surprise satsang. Although I regretted that I was not home to photograph the rising sun there, I decided to snap its photo through the window of the bus as we traveled.
Seeing so many different, beautiful views of the sun, I kept snapping away. Suddenly, I was taken by surprise that the bus was going through the Lincoln Tunnel into Manhattan, soon to arrive at the bus depot. I asked myself, "Where did the time go?" It seemed like I had boarded the bus only minutes ago. Then I realized that I had become suspended in time and space as I experienced all the various views of the radiant rising sun along the way.

New York, USA

On the first day of 2016, I woke with purpose and enthusiasm and went for a walk in the bush, guided by gentle pink clouds as the sun was about to rise. I found a perfect elevated spot on the pathway. The gum-trees stood tall like pillars in a cathedral, and there right in the middle of an arch rose the sun. The air was fragrant and moist; I could hear all sorts of chirping sounds.
After I took photos, I stood still, watching the light flood the floor of the forest, where trees and spiderwebs sparkled like Christmas tree lights. My mind was quiet, my breath became deep, and my heart was full, knowing that I was not alone in heralding the new day with joy and anticipation of study and contemplation on this wondrous path.
Happy New Year, Gurumayi!

Gosford, Australia

My heart is ablaze with excitement as I watch the sunrises gradually lighting this auspicious day across the planet. These beautiful photographs are leading us ever closer to the source of all.

Auckland, New Zealand