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October Nature Gallery III

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Sprinkles of snow flurries 
blessed the Ashram grounds
the snowflakes danced
as if offering puja
we celebrated the winter 
a consecration of light.

Ostuni, Italy

At first, these photos seemed to me to be a video. I felt the movement of each photograph inside myself. In this wonderful moment, I felt peace and quiet.

Mexico City, Mexico

I feel peace, joy, and wondrousness when watching these images. I feel that my awareness is being refined as I watch.

Rosendahl, Germany

I find these images vibrant, yet very soothing. Looking at them with wonder this morning, I feel my breathing become slow and even, and I am suffused with a feeling of inner peace.

Wisconsin, USA

These photos are inspiring and alive. I can smell the crisp autumn air, see and hear the brightly-colored leaves crunching under foot, feel the frost that decorates the grasses, and enjoy nature’s jubilant voice singing a song of joy.

Missouri, USA

As I viewed this gallery, I felt that I was getting an understanding of the "big picture" in life. As a student, I find I often get lost in my immediate short-term goals and stresses. I forget that it's not the end of the world when I don't achieve something or when something doesn’t go my way. This gallery is a reminder that the purpose of life is beyond that. When things don't go my way, the seasons still move on in such a perfect way. This gallery reminds me that life moves on, and it does so perfectly.

New York, USA