Assimilating Gurumayi’s Message for 2016

A Series of Exercises Based on the Four Wheels of the Shaktipat Intensive

Assimilation through Breath

Since ancient times, one of the traditional methods for quieting the mind has been through prāṇayama, the practice of regulating the flow of prāṇa, the vital energy, by focusing on the natural rhythm of our breath. When we focus our attention on the steady flow of the breath, the mind becomes relaxed and quiet.

A quiet mind is simultaneously receptive and alert and easily glides into the inner space of the Self. Once the mind rests in the stillness of the Self, you can assimilate Gurumayi’s Message more fully.

To begin this session, I will lead you in establishing a steady and comfortable posture. A steady posture is the foundation for experiencing the natural movement of the breath, and it creates an inner spaciousness that encourages the breath to move freely and naturally.

Let’s practice this now.

Click play to practice assimilation through breath.

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