Assimilating Gurumayi’s Message for 2016

A Series of Exercises Based on the Four Wheels of the Shaktipat Intensive

Assimilation through Meditation

As a practice, dhyāna, or meditation, requires that we focus our attention on the goal of meditation. The goal of Siddha Yoga meditation is our own Self. As we maintain our attention on the Self in meditation—releasing attachment from every thought, image, and activity of our mind—the mind gradually merges into the Self.

In her Message for 2016, Gurumayi teaches us to make steady effort to become established in Supreme Joy, which is the very nature of the Self. Meditation is therefore a key means to assimilate Gurumayi’s Message. Through meditation on Gurumayi’s Message, we recognize the Truth of her teaching—that the highest bliss is, and always has been, our innate nature. We become anchored in Supreme Joy, as Gurumayi teaches.

In this exercise we will assimilate Gurumayi’s Message through meditation. We will be meditating for around five minutes.

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