Assimilating Gurumayi’s Message for 2016

A Series of Exercises Based on the Four Wheels of the Shaktipat Intensive

Assimilation through Posture

We absorb the Siddha Yoga teachings on many levels of our being. On the physical level, we assimilate the Guru’s words through our bodies. And we can prepare our bodies to receive the teachings by establishing a steady and comfortable sitting posture, or āsana.

A steady and comfortable posture is one that sustains the natural alignment of the body. When we align our body, the prāṇa, the life force within us, grows steady and the mind becomes quieter. We then recognize how the Guru’s teaching resonates in our body and more fully experience the Truth that teaching conveys.

As we assimilate the teaching more fully into our being, it becomes intrinsic to how we lead our lives, infusing our thoughts, words, and actions.

Now, we’ll practice assimilating Gurumayi’s Message for 2016 through posture.

Before we begin, take a few moments to gently stretch your body. When you are ready, come to a seated position.

Click play to practice assimilation through posture.

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