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Nature Gallery I

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How wonderful it is to see inside the Temple in Shree Muktananda Ashram in this gallery. Having the darshan of Bhagawan Nityananda is always a great event for me, a great joy, a great blessing. It is as if Bade Baba comes to my house in all his glory and enters my heart with his sweetness and great power.
What a gift! Thank you Gurumayi

Milan, Italy

As I immersed myself in this exquisite nature gallery this morning, I suddenly found myself inhaling the delicate and sweet scent of the beautiful blossoms. As I viewed the photos, I found myself in a place of deep stillness and peace. 

California, USA

After watching this Nature Gallery, I feel as though nature—the pure wind, the rays of the sun, and the sounds of birds—has purified me inside and out. I experience stillness in my heart. I rest here in my heart and experience silence. 

Mansa, India

I was at my workplace and had time to pause. A shared computer was available, so I played this slide show of the Nature Gallery.
I found the pictures so powerful. As I went on enjoying them, I found myself settle into deep silence within. My spine elongated. I felt the divine power flowing within. I was amazed to have this experience at the shared computer at my workplace!
Thank you so much, Gurumayi, for this wonderful website that supports us in getting connected with our inner being anywhere and any time with ease.

Surat, India

These images suggest to me strong power and centeredness. It is easy to immerse myself in meditation as I watch them. I can sense the shakti in them and within me.

Madrid, Spain

What a delight to see Shri Hanuman in this gallery! To me, he radiates the qualities of humility and reverence; he is the embodiment of service. As I visited the rest of this Nature Gallery, I found myself lingering at each image. I perceived each aspect of nature offering itself, in its own unique ways, in service to the Lord—clouds drifting across the sky, flowers budding and coming to full bloom, water shimmering, the sun rising and setting.

Massachusetts, USA

within all
pure bliss.

 Missouri, USA

Reflecting on these images, I realize that every single minute of the day is a moment of great bliss. I am inspired to pause during my day to remember the Self.

Madrid, Spain

These images are so radiant and “alive.” I feel I am there in each moment, as the photographers’ skill and patience bring me closer to the beauty of our world.

 Wisconsin, USA