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Words of Illumination

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I have read these Words of Illumination many times. I’m drawn back again and again. Today as I reread the words, I experienced the longing to become one with God.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your immense grace.

Yautepec, Mexico

Each morning as I prepare for meditation, I peer into the darkness on the way to my basement meditation space. I envision myself standing on the edge of the ocean and then diving in and swimming. This prelude mirrors diving into the bliss of Consciousness as I sit.
As I emerge from the wonderful ocean of meditation, I find that the shakti of the practices has naturally and spontaneously resulted in my awareness of the longing to go deeper within. In that moment, I thank the Guru for the grace that makes me want to realize the highest state. Mumukshutva is a joyful gift of the Guru, the shakti, and my own self-effort.

New Jersey, USA 

I love this beautiful mountain picture—with the pure light and the clear blue of the vast sky—as the representation of mumukshutva.
Before I saw this, something did not happen in the way I wanted it to. Yet, Shri Gurumayi’s words immediately brought me back to the main goal of my life and allowed me to accept God’s will. After all, I am a mumukshu, yearning wholeheartedly to become one with the great Truth!
Not only is becoming one with the Truth my main purpose for this life, I also have the best support for this endeavor.
I thank my Sadguru for all her grace and tremendous support for my sadhana on the Siddha Yoga path.

Palzing, Germany

This morning, after reciting Shri Rudram, I entered into profound meditation. I felt a deep energy guiding me into the center of my heart. I realized that what I was experiencing was mumukshutva, the yearning for liberation, which was coming from the depths of my being.
From this, I understood that the inner path is a natural impulse of the heart to find its true home.
My mind stayed silent, and I felt a great inner expansion.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for guiding us towards that which is most sacred.

Barcelona, Spain

Every time I read Gurumayi’s words here calling me to be a mumukshu, a question follows: “Am I willing to dedicate myself and sacrifice my ego for this far greater good?”
Sometimes hesitancy arises. Yet, I always love the question. It is like a light in the distance that is calling me forward to itself, like a friend lovingly calling to me.

New York, USA

Gurumayi has just illumined my reason for being, my life's purpose.
I understand myself through Shri Gurumayi's teachings and commentaries.
Thank you, Gurumayi.

Georgia, USA

When I read the words: "Be a mumukshu," I experienced tremendous love welling up inside and realized that this love is so powerful it can always counteract the “tinge of ego.” An example of how I can apply this teaching in my life immediately came to mind. Lately, when anger arises, I've been looking at it as ego-based pain that I want to relinquish. Remembering Gurumayi's words will strengthen my ability to let go of it, and in turn, support my efforts to practice Gurumayi’s Message for 2017.
I feel so grateful that Guru's grace continuously flows in my life and grants me specific guidance on the path to liberation.

Connecticut, USA

When I opened the Siddha Yoga path website, I was astonished to see Gurumayi's quote. I felt that the Guru was talking directly to me. Upon waking this morning, I did my daily routine of practices, culminating with a japa walk in the woods as I do every day.
When I went to work, I thought I was in heaven. I felt loving and non-judgmental.

Iowa, USA

Gurumayi's words make me long even more for liberation, encouraging me to walk the path with steadfastness. As I meditate in the sacred early morning hours, Gurumayi’s Message for 2017 draws me into a space of stillness. My heart is filled with peace.

Florida, USA

Reading these words, I felt I was granted permission to long for the Truth, even though I don’t always know how or when the Truth will manifest. With faith and patience, I can rest in the conviction that the Truth can be known.
These words from Gurumayi are a beacon of light that guide me in how to think and how to be in the world, from moment to moment. The word tirelessly invites me to be resilient in the face of challenges, knowing that the journey to God is the noblest undertaking I can make.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for being the constant light in my life. 

California, USA

Many years ago, in my early days on the Siddha Yoga path, the word mumukshu really inspired me to be a true seeker. This quality of mumukshu gave me direction, focus, and a vision for my sadhana. After 25 years on the Siddha Yoga path, this quality still inspires me to follow the path with love, devotion, and surrender.

New Delhi, India

At certain times in my life, I've experienced not getting something that I thought I wanted very much. After these seeming disappointments, I always ended up receiving something much greater—as if it had been waiting for me all along—in the form of awareness, knowledge, and strength. Now I look back on those disappointments and see them very differently. These experiences have helped me on the path to mumukshutva.
I'm learning to become suspicious of burning desires that will give me temporary or superficial satisfaction. Instead, I'm learning to seek and connect with the abundant, profound, and exhilarating Truth that I have access to in each moment within my own Self, thanks to shaktipat initiation. In this way, I find I’m able to more fully receive everything I am meant to receive in each moment, and I’m able to more easily let go of the rest.

New York, USA

This morning I was praying intensely to Gurumayi for guidance on how I can go deeper into meditation, thinking that nothing great is happening in my practice. Later, when I opened the website and read this quotation from Gurumayi, I was moved. It felt like the answer to my prayer. I understand that I have to abandon myself completely to the will of God, and let go of my expectations.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your guidance and grace.

Mumbai, India

Gurumayi’s teachings about mumukshutva are reminding me of breakthroughs I’ve experienced during my sadhana. Today I’m thinking specifically of times when I’ve found love and compassion for someone who I had been judging. Each time a shift like this takes place, it feels to me like liberation from ingrained habits—a taste of freedom, a breath of fresh air—a state I have long yearned for. I’m aware of the deep focus and contemplation that precedes these experiences, and I’m grateful for the sweet grace that makes them possible. I see that remembering these experiences fuels my longing and courage to continue on this great path toward becoming “one with the great Truth.”

Ohio, USA

Years ago, when I heard Gurumayi speak the word mumukshutva, my eyes filled with tears, and I felt in my heart the sweet longing to know the will of God, to know the Truth. When I read the words “Be a mumukshu,” I experienced again that intense love and yearning in my heart. As I focus on the word mumukshutva, I feel the determination to be a mumukshu in my full being—to make it my goal to become one with the Truth.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for always pointing me towards the Supreme Self.

Pennsylvania, USA

When I read Gurumayi’s words, "Be a mumukshu," I experienced tremendous love welling up inside and realized that this love is so powerful it can always counteract the “tinge of ego.”

An example of how I can apply this teaching in my life immediately came to mind. Although my addiction to anger has been purified during sadhana, it still comes up at times. Lately, when it arises, I've been looking at it as an ego-based pain that I want to relinquish. However, sometimes I find it difficult to do so. Remembering Gurumayi's words will strengthen my ability to let go of the anger and to turn my efforts to practicing Gurumayi’s Message for 2017.

I feel so grateful that the Guru's grace continuously flows in my life and grants me specific guidance on the path to liberation.

Connecticut, USA

I had always yearned for the Truth, but despite my efforts, I considered it out of my reach. This teaching assures me that it is possible for me to become wise and know the Truth.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for compassionately reminding me of what I can achieve.

Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Mexico

This passage from Gurumayi resounds in my heart and strengthens my intention to attain liberation. I will keep my eye on that goal and know that as I put forth my efforts, I am being beautifully and lovingly supported by Gurumayi at every step. It is such a blessing to be on this path. When I will attain that goal is not my decision, but being able to work towards it is a great privilege, a magnificent blessing.

Melbourne, Australia

As I read Gurumayi's words, they seemed timeless to me. They touched that part of me that is willing to give myself to becoming “one with the Truth.” I thought about the words “the great Truth” and felt propelled into a higher reality, expanding exponentially in every direction. Surely, the Guru's words and the reality they lead to are far greater and more powerful than all my limitations. The power of Gurumayi’s words reminded me that with grace and effort, I may become this great Truth.

London, United Kingdom