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Words of Illumination

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Being attentive to the state of my mind supports me to cultivate a pure intellect. I am more able to notice and then let go of, or loosen my attention’s grip on, negativities or faultfinding. When I do this, I am able to perceive the innate goodness all around me. I experience love free from any expectations. I realize that this goodness and love are the essence of who I really am. 

Massachusetts, USA

A moment ago, I opened my computer to the home screen where I have an image of my two lovely young granddaughters. I sent them my love and reflected on how I love them unconditionally. I thought about my own grandmother and how she loved me unconditionally.
Then I read this teaching from Gurumayi, which took my reflection and experience of unconditional love even deeper.
How precious a gift it is to experience unconditional love, to offer it, and to receive it. What a golden opportunity I have to live with the awareness of Truth and with gratitude for Gurumayi's unconditional love.

New York, USA

What a powerful incentive to purify my intellect! I find that practicing Gurumayi’s guidance from her book, “The Yoga of Discipline,” on seeing, listening, and thinking, has a wondrously purifying effect on my intellect.

Texas, USA