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Words of Illumination

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The moment I received shaktipat from Gurumayi, I felt I became truly alive. I felt as though I had awakened from a dreamlike state. I experienced love in my heart, and this love is becoming stronger and stronger every day. I know that one day the love in my heart will be so strong that it will fill me up completely.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for the precious gift of shaktipat.

Thun, Switzerland

How fortunate I am to have a living Siddha Guru! Without Gurumayi’s grace, the unfolding of the mysterious Kundalini Shakti would not be taking place in me.

I wish to express my deep love for the Guru and my heartfelt gratitude for my Master’s immense compassion for me. 

A thousand pranams to the Gurus of the Siddha Yoga lineage!

Johannesburg, South Africa

Reading Gurumayi's wisdom today gave me a feeling of lightness and oneness in my heart. I felt so joyful. I walked outside in nature and felt the same oneness there.
Thank you so much for this teaching, Gurumayi. 

Glastonbury, United Kingdom

The grace of the Guru has awakened in me a divine vision. I am more and more able to perceive the inherent beauty and infinite potential for transformation within my very being, and within each situation in my life– even those that appear unpleasant! I realize that everyone and everything offers me an opportunity to come closer to God.

Massachusetts, USA

Gurumayi’s words remind me how grateful I am for the gift of shaktipat, an unexpectedly profound opening of my heart and mind. They also remind me how grateful I am for the Siddha Yoga path and the Guru’s continuous support for my sadhana. Through sadhana I recognize, more and more deeply over time, the value of this gift. I feel so fortunate to be inspired to continue, like the opal and the pearl, gradually embodying the great Truth of my own nature.
Thank you, Gurumayi! Thank you, Baba!

Kentucky, USA