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Words of Illumination

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When I meditate for a significant amount of time, I can feel the serenity of my meditation radiating out into my life. I feel that knowledge, kindled by grace, is giving me the experience of who I truly am.
Bhagavan Nityananda’s words remind me how grateful I am for these wonderful gems—meditation and the knowledge it brings. I recognize each as the fruit of both self-effort and the Guru’s grace.

Washington, USA

“Pierce through the apparent diversity of this world...” How I long for an experience of that. This quotation is so timely for me. It encourages me to continue my practices of meditation and study with confidence and conviction.

New Mexico, USA

As always, the power and wisdom in Bade Baba’s words go straight to my heart.  I feel his words blessing my meditation practice and study with his divine love.  They nourish my enthusiasm, and deepen my gratitude for the joy and fulfillment they bring.

I bow at the feet of Bade Baba with great reverence.

Maryland, USA