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Words of Illumination

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Last night after putting my children to sleep and organizing the house, I went to meditate. As I was meditating, I felt as if I were in a cascade of invigorating energy. The longer I meditated, the more I felt tuned in to this energy. I felt that even a very deep sleep could not restore me as well as this. When I came out of meditation it was very late, but my body was deeply revitalized. I went to sleep, and in the morning I still felt full of energy.
When I came online to receive the Words of Illumination, I felt a connection with the meditation experience from the previous night. In the course of my life, I’ve had many excuses for not finding time to meditate, but now I feel that meditation is an inexhaustible source of light, knowledge, grace, and love.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for showing me the source of unconditional and inexhaustible love that guides me to the heart!

Barcelona, Spain

As the words of Gurumayi, Baba, and Bade Baba wash over me, the mundane things in life no longer distract me and I realign with my true purpose. I am grateful for this gallery of Words of Illumination, which I just took in all at once. Even my cells seem to have fallen into the right place, and I am aware of my highest purpose again!

Hawaii, USA

I experience great comfort and peace when I contemplate this teaching from Gurumayi. Just knowing that there is a place within my own being that is free from fear and negativity is a relief. When I even think about this for a few moments, I find I am able to access that great inner space of silence and my mind rests with a quiet smile!

Wisconsin, USA

The Words of Illumination have absorbed my attention all through this month. I have also been drawn into the awe-inspiring photographs that accompany each teaching-- magnificent landscapes of water and ice, clouds and sky, mountains and valleys. The beauty of the scenes and their enchanting variety captivates me.
Today Gurumayi's teaching includes these words: "The Self is everywhere and in everything," and "Meditate on anything, and it will take you through."
And so, when I meditate this evening, I will meditate on these landscapes, understanding them to be visible embodiments of the eternal Self.
I am grateful for this opportunity to approach my meditation with a fresh, new perspective.

Oregon, USA

This teaching brings a sweet and serene newness to my perception of the world around me, especially during meditation. The desire to meditate with total focus on the Self can be difficult for me without understanding that the Self can be found everywhere—even in a particle of dust. Rather than becoming distracted or disheartened when my focus strays during meditation, I will remember this teaching, and thank Gurumayi for it.

Massachusetts, USA