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Words of Illumination

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I feel that So'ham is the mantra I have been searching for my whole life. It brings me such peace and bliss. It allows me to rest in stillness. The So’ham mantra touches a very deep space inside my being where the words of the Gurus come alive for me.

Iowa, USA

The word humility evokes such reverence in me. It brought to mind the importance of being modest and humble in my life. As I read Bade Baba's words on So'ham, I immediately closed my eyes and started repeating this mantra with my inbreath and outbreath. As I did, I felt the presence of God in my heart. It was a sublime feeling, one of exhilaration and joy!  
Immersing myself in Bade Baba's words feels so sacred to me that each one is like a mantra to me. I am so thankful for these "Words of Illumination."

South Carolina, USA

When I take actions that cultivate humility, I find that my awareness naturally shifts from a focus on my own concerns to the recognition that I am a part of something so much greater. In that moment, I am no longer defining myself by aspects of my personality or what I accomplish or have. Grace reveals to me the profound experience that God alone exists, and that my very essence is of God. I experience I AM – So’ham.

Massachusetts, USA

Bhagavan Nityananda’s beautiful teaching reminds me of an experience I had during a Shaktipat Intensive. As we focused on So’ham during meditation, I began to feel sweet compassion for myself. As I continued repeating So’ham, I felt that I was finding God in my own heart in the experience of compassion. For me, compassion is a divine gift. Seeing it now as the fruit of repeating So’ham deepens my gratitude for this experience and for the power of So’ham to reveal the Truth within.

Kentucky, USA