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Words of Illumination

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This teaching by Baba and the preceding one by Gurumayi were for me like ghee sweetly offered to a sacred fire. The words of our beloved Gurus made the fire within me blaze up, burning all that holds me back and flashing forth the truth that God created me and lives within me. I am experiencing shakti’s loving power in my heart, making me one with the Truth.
Infinite gratitude and love flow from my heart to our Gurus for their compassion.

California, USA

Yesterday my husband and I with our four children went to our family meditation room to receive the second teaching, "Words of Illumination." We began by looking at the images of AUM in nature, and then we prepared to receive the teaching. After we listened to the words, there was a deep silence in the room. Our children’s responses were beautiful:
“I felt chills while I was listening to the words.”
“I’ve never seen so clearly who I really am. God created me and lives within me!”
“The words are repeating inside me.”
 “I like to hear these words.”
We became aware of how joyful it is to feel that we are a family of six mumukshus guided by the knowledge and the grace of Shri Guru. How fortunate we are to have a Siddha Guru in this life.
We meditated for a while and immersed ourselves in the practice of Gurumayi’s Message for 2017, in a state of deep peace.
We love you, Gurumayi. Thank you for your love and blessings.

Barcelona, Spain

Reading Baba's words reminded me that God's power is all around me and within me as well, and my effort is to practice aligning myself with his presence. I feel immense gratitude for these words, as they remind me that even a little effort I make in this direction is supported and blessed by Guru's grace. 
Heartfelt thanks to Shri Gurumayi for her continuous guidance.

New York, USA

Reading Baba's teaching has led me to have the experience of God manifesting as my own life. With this awareness, I perceived that my breathing could embrace the divinity of each present moment.
Beloved Gurumayi, as I study the teachings on the Siddha Yoga path website, I understand that your grace and your love are in me.

Ciudad de México, Mexico

This teaching spoke to me as a sweet reminder and as a call to action.
It reminds me that the Guru, a beloved form of God, lives inside of me.
To honor the Guru, I must take care of my body, mind, and heart.
To worship the Guru, I must cherish the people in my life and love them without reservation. To serve the Guru, I must have reverence for all beings on the planet, in my thoughts and in my actions.
I am inspired by Baba’s words to magnify the light of my devotion, to extend my love of the Guru outward to others, within my community, and all over the world.

Hawaii, USA

The knowledge and experience that God is in our hearts leads me to the conclusion that we too are in God's Heart!
How blessed are we!

Missouri, USA

Reading Baba's statement, I realized that no matter where I go or who I meet, this entire world is fully filled with God’s presence. It gave me a way to look at every one as equal, for the experience of shakti is in every heart, as it is in mine.
After reading Baba’s words a couple of times, I sat for meditation. A deep stillness arose in my heart and a sensation that felt like magnetic energy traveled through my body.
I am grateful for this illuminating teaching of Baba that gave me the experience of the power of shakti within me.

Ghoti, India

Reading Baba's words, I can feel shakti pulsating in my heart. His simple statement of this subtle truth is a great reminder that the awareness of my inner divinity is within my grasp.

Massachusetts, USA