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Words of Illumination

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After reading this teaching on time, I reviewed my own use of time and I came to recognize that I could be making better use of the time that I have. As a result, I have now started using more time for chanting and meditation. For example, when I'm driving, I now chant along with a recorded namasankirtana. I have the feeling that Gurumayi is chanting with me.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for this teaching.

Allahabad, India

While backpacking down and then up the incredibly steep walls of the Grand Canyon, I was awed by the power of water and time to carve away across the millennia. I imagined myself as one drop of water merging into that torrent. I began to recall my contemplation of Gurumayi's Message for 2015, “Turn Inward. Meditate Easefully.” Then my one drop of water became one moment of turning inward.
Each time I turn within to the center of my being, I am realizing the power of TIME to remember who I am. The sculpted landscape became, in my mind, a lifetime of little drops of self-effort moving mountains through grace.

California, USA

Having recently retired after a lifetime of work, I have been getting accustomed to a different pace of life—and thinking a lot about the concept of time and what it means to engage with it in a meaningful way.
Although I initially thought that I might not be as virtuous now that I am no longer working so hard, I soon realized, from a deeper place, that during all those years of work, meditation felt like the best use of my time. Meditation was and is the source of wisdom in my life, the practice I've always gone to in order to renew myself. It’s meditation that enables me to discover the virtues waiting inside. What a great use of time!

 Hawaii, USA

No matter how busy life gets, or how busy I make myself, I always try to make time for sadhana. Sometimes it’s a full day to immerse myself in the practices; sometimes it is a moment, between meetings, between emails, between thoughts, to practice Gurumayi’s Message and reconnect to the Heart and breath.
I am grateful for those spontaneous moments when I remember to remember, when I partner with time to place my attention on the highest.

California, USA

As I read Gurumayi’s words, “make good use of time,” I was filled with a deep longing to make every moment of my life a loving offering to God, to the Guru, to my own Self. Not wanting to waste even a second of time in forgetfulness, I began to reflect on how I could fulfill this longing for constant remembrance and loving service. I thought, “I’ll start with today!” And I thought of simple ways I could offer loving-kindness today to the people in my life.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your shakti-filled words, which have once again lit a flame in my heart.

Massachusetts, USA