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Words of Illumination

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Inspired by these grace-filled words, as I go through the day practicing Gurumayi's Message, I am learning that enthusiasm is not just a feeling that occurs, nor only an attitude to strive for—it is a great power that I can invoke through the breath. I experience this enthusiasm as a warmth of the Heart, mental strength, confidence, and inspiration. This affirmation on the importance of enthusiasm—and the discovery of my natural access to this power through my breath—enliven me to move forward gratefully with my svadharma.

Thank you, Gurumayi.

Colorado, USA

Enthusiasm—what a powerful and sublime virtue! As I was reading Gurumayi’s words, my entire body was charged with the divine shakti. I have been practicing this virtue daily in my life, and I have realized that with right understanding and Gurumayi’s grace, there is nothing in this world that I cannot achieve. This gives me immense confidence, and I am able to sail through good as well as hard times.

If there is something to be done that I am not able to complete, I always remember the story from the Ramayana, in which Lord Hanuman was told that he had all the might he needed to cross the high seas and reach Lanka. Today, reflecting on Gurumayi’s words, I am indebted to her for her compassionate love, her care for me, and for constantly teaching me that I, too,  have the means to accomplish everything I need to do, however difficult or hard it may be.

Lucknow, India

As a teacher, enthusiasm is the outbreath that carries my instruction to the open young minds in my classroom. When I read these beautiful words from Gurumayi, I feel proud to be part of the cycle of living wisdom.

London, United Kingdom

In reflecting on this radiant quote about enthusiasm, I realized that I can embody enthusiasm simply by moving, with delight, in the direction I want to go. This realization inspires me to move ahead in my various projects and responsibilities with enthusiasm. It seems delightful and natural to be enthusiastic!
Thank you, Gurumayi, for this reminder and for being for me a perfect example of living always with great enthusiasm!

New York, USA

Although I know enthusiasm is a virtue, it is a new understanding that it is a great power. Realizing this now, I embrace it as an inherent, inexhaustible energy that can mobilize me toward that which is real.
This teaching ignites appreciation for my own natural enthusiasm, which I trust will lead me to that which I seek.

Maryland, USA

Gurumayi’s words are a beacon to me. I feel them encouraging and empowering me to allow my limited views to dissolve in the light—to let the grace and truth of enthusiasm shine.

Ohio, USA