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Words of Illumination

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These words from Bhagavan Nityananda have inspired me to do some self-inquiry into my "pure mind." I am observing my mind with a magnifying glass, watching my thoughts carefully. I have given myself permission to practice detachment from those thoughts that clearly arise from the ego.
This discipline is helping me to practice Gurumayi’s Message for 2017 in my actions, my thoughts, and in my perception of what surrounds me. So far, I feel that there is a greater flow of love towards my environment and into the whole universe.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for nourishing us with your grace and pure knowledge.

Barcelona, Spain

I love the word pure. It speaks to me of clearness and freshness. Purity is perfect and untainted. With a pure mind I experience clarity. Instead of cluttering my mind with extraneous thoughts, regrets, or self-incrimination, I am able to discern what is real. With this clarity, I feel buoyant and can gently canoe down the river of life with confidence.
When my mind is pure, I can hear the wisdom of my heart. I can hear the voice of God. I am content. I am complete. I am still. I am free.

Summer Hill, Australia

One of the many things that I love about Siddha Yoga is the focus on experiencing God in the present moment.
Thank you, Bade Baba, for teaching me that a pure mind is not simply the goal, but also the vehicle to experience God. 

Hawaii, USA

As I was reading these words of Bade Baba, I reflected on my sadhana and my daily life.
Gurumayi has given me so many tools to practice that have resulted in making my mind pure enough to experience God. I realized with gratitude that Gurumayi has given me the experience of God within my heart during meditation. When I do work with a pure mind, the joy I feel is also the experience of God. When I help someone in need, the smile on the person’s face is the experience of God.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for instilling the right understanding in me, so that my constant pursuit to experience God can be achieved when my mind is pure.

Lucknow, India

When I meditated on this teaching of Bade Baba ji, I was most inspired by the words completely pure. Then the question arose: "How can I keep my mind completely pure?"
I realized that I have to make a constant effort to keep my mind completely pure. And to do this, I must perform the Siddha Yoga practices. These are the most appropriate because they are endowed with the Guru's grace. 

Mhow, India

​I was moved by Bade Baba's words, "Keep the mind completely pure." During times of meditation, I can be distracted by thoughts that indulge the ego. Now I can recall these words of Bade Baba to help bring me back to that centered place of inner connection with the Guru and with God. 

Birmingham, United Kingdom 

I take Bade Baba's words as a command. From my experience, one of the best ways to keep the mind pure is to offer seva with full devotion and with no expectation of reward—as total surrender to the Self. In this way, I am able to connect with the Self.

My sincere gratitude to  Bhagavan Nityananda for pointing out the immeasurable value of a pure mind.

Johannesburg, South Africa

This morning as I sat down for meditation, this thought came up: "How can I get closer to God?" I decided to check "Words of Illumination" first.
There was my answer!

 Oklahoma, USA

Bhagavan Nityananda's words provide the most powerful motivation I could imagine for keeping my mind "completely pure"! What an extraordinary assurance is conveyed by this teaching: the understanding that by exerting persistent self-effort to purify my mind through the Siddha Yoga practices, I am transforming it—with the Guru's grace—into a sacred space to receive "the experience of God."

I am deeply grateful for this reminder of the profound power inherent in purity of mind.

Illinois, USA