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Words of Illumination

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In contemplating these beautiful teachings of Baba’s, the following thought came to my mind: “I surrender to grace. May the divine light guide my path.”

Massachusetts, USA

My husband, children, and I were celebrating Easter at my mother's home, and we decided to study the Guru’s teachings together. With three generations gathered, what a beautiful opportunity!
We contemplated "Words of Illumination" 9. We talked about Baba’s teachings and how we need a pure vessel to contain them—a pure mind and a virtuous life.
I’m so grateful for the opportunity my family had to study together. We felt so close to Gurumayi, and were delighted to discuss how to put the Siddha Yoga teachings into practice. How fortunate we are!

Barcelona, Spain

Reading these beautiful words of illumination has given me direction for my day. To purify the mind and heart, I want to concentrate on mantra japa.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your continual guidance in my life.

California, USA

What a beautiful picture Baba paints of the qualities of a true seeker: the mind is focused and steady, and the heart is filled with love for the Guru. I have certainly felt this exquisite inner state at different times over the years, when my mind is still and my heart is full. This might occur during extended periods of silence, while attending satsang or offering seva at the Siddha Yoga Ashram in Sydney, while meditating, and even while laughing with friends. 
Thank you, Baba, for pointing out the goal of my sadhana so clearly. Having had the experience of this state encourages me greatly to continue to pursue the goal of always being such a "gold vessel."

Sydney, Australia