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Gurupurnima 2017

The Waxing Moon of Gurupurnima V

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I have just returned from my walk around the world watching all these beautiful photos. It is like walking through continents, countries, towns, landscapes, always with focus up to the splendor of the moon, receiving grace all the way, sending blessings all the way.

Hindelang, Germany

When I was a child, decades before the age of the Internet, travelers would send colored picture postcards of the places they'd visited to their loved ones back home. I remember how thrilling it was when my family would get these tantalizing signs of other lands and other landscapes in the mail, especially because I had not yet traveled far myself.
I was reminded of this feeling of being connected across the miles when I viewed the vast array of photos sent in for "The Waxing Moon of Gurupurnima" galleries. Not only do they offer me a glimpse of the beautiful faraway lands and landscapes illuminated by the great Gurupurnima moon, but they also replicate that childhood feeling of wonder and discovery. And they convey the heartwarming affirmation that I am connected to every Siddha Yoga student who has lovingly shared their photo with the global sangham.

Illinois, USA

While contemplating the array of photos of the waxing moon from around the world, a vision appeared within my heart: Shiva Nataraj dancing in a wheel of moons. I recognized in this vision the ever-present flow of the Guru’s grace within all the phases of my life. I felt serene, bountiful, and overflowing with gratitude.
Quite naturally, this vision has led me to a deeper understanding and commitment to dakshina, and the desire to uphold the dharma of giving and receiving, which sustains the natural balance of the universe within and without.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

My husband and I delight in going for walks to take pictures of the waxing moon and in offering these with love to this gallery. We love to picture Gurumayi enjoying the moon from where we live!

Oregon, USA