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Nature Gallery I

January Nature Gallery II
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On the first day of February 2017, I felt moved to review the Nature Gallery for January. It immediately occurred to me that this magnificent collection of images can be seen as manifesting Gurumayi's Message for 2017.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for the gift of your Message for 2017 and for the many ways you teach us how we can experience and share what lies within our Heart.

Barnt Green, United Kingdom

I am transfixed by these beautiful landscapes that flow constantly, without effort. The sun comes out gradually and sets gradually into the moon. I sense no exertion, no extremes. Nature here symbolizes “the middle path” for me.

Madrid, Spain

I've been viewing the Nature Gallery as a key part of my sadhana for a month now. The photos have given rise to a wonderful paradigm shift in my awareness.
Nature Gallery II reminds me that although ice looks solid and unchanging, the molecules are changing—the ice eventually melts back into pure water. From contemplating these photos, I have realized that I, too, can allow myself to melt into pure consciousness, through my practices and trust in the Guru.

New Jersey, USA

As I viewed the image of the light-filled snow on the delicate tree branches, I was reminded of the cycle of receiving and giving. It seemed to me that the branches were receiving the snow tenderly as a gift and at the same time holding the snow as an offering of beauty to the world.
In the same way, may I receive Gurumayi's blessings and love with gratitude and, in turn, share the beauty of these gifts every day with all my heart.

 New York, New York