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Dawn and Sunrise
New Year’s Day Gallery

Dawn and Sunrise New Year's Day Gallery II 2017
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What a wonderful world! For me, the pictures of the New Year sunrises are a mirror for Gurumayi’s Message for 2017.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for this wonderful teaching.

Rosendahl, Germany

What a majestic home we all live on—Mother Earth! How magnificent are all these sunrises! They make me realize how much we are all connected. We are all family. The Earth is breathing and we are all breathing with her.

New Mexico, USA

As I gazed at the wondrous images of the sun rising all over the world, I experienced a moment of universal connection and, in that still moment, the perfection in everything everywhere. Thank you for these beautiful photographs.
Thank you, Gurumayi. Happy New Year!

Perth, Australia

These images are so beautiful and breathtaking. They leave me in the stillness of the Heart. How wonderful!

Farnborough, United Kingdom

We are always delighted to participate in capturing and sharing sunrise and moon photos on special Siddha Yoga occasions. And, we are amazed when we get to see the postings by Siddha Yogis from around the world.
Here in the southern Oregon mountains, it was overcast and snowing during the live webcast, so we didn’t know if we would get to see the sunrise at all.
Then, during the pause to stand and stretch, nature revealed her sweet splendor in a glorious display of light and color that we just had to capture with a quick snapshot from our window. The next day, it was so much fun to see our photo on the website slideshow, and to imagine Gurumayi’s delight as she viewed all the wonderful images from the global sangham!

Oregon, USA

Viewing these photos of the sunrise at different places all over our planet is breathtaking! Ah, perhaps it is better to say that they are breath-giving. I found my breathing slowing down as I took in the great, abiding benevolence of the sun.
What a delight to be connected to Siddha Yogis all over the world through these moments captured with so much love at the portal of this New Year.

a Siddha Yogi from  Massachusetts, USA

What is so marvelous for me in each and every photograph is that the sun is the same sun in every country, every city and state, yet manifests its light in a unique expression at each location.
I am so grateful for these photographs that share the awe-inspiring beauty of this wonderful world.

Missouri, USA

When I got up early in the morning to take pictures of the sunrise, I experienced Shri Guru's grace in the form of a golden luster all around me and the mantra arising within me. What a heavenly feeling!
I’m so grateful to Gurumayi for the invitation to photograph the New Year’s Day sunrise!

Mahidpur, India

What exquisite, serene photos! They evoke such peace. In Arizona, it's pouring rain at the moment. It feels like the heavens are rejoicing while we wait for A Sweet Surprise Satsang for 2017.

Arizona, USA