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The Value of Shri Guru’s Teachings
Verses from Scriptural Texts Studied on the Siddha Yoga Path

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I came to know the truth of this teaching starting in 1984, when I was earnestly looking for someone to give me knowledge about who I truly am. That year, God sent Gurumayi to my hometown of Lucknow, and I participated in her evening programs. When I came for darshan and offered my pranam before her, Gurumayi very lovingly kept blessing me. After a long time, I lifted my head and saw her loving, compassionate smile. My heart just melted.
When I returned home, I started meditating—and during meditation I felt myself become scintillating blue light. Inside, I heard, "This is your true Self." From  that moment on, my understanding about who I am changed. Today, I am so happy, joyful, and free of worries—because Gurumayi has given me the experience of the Truth.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for accepting me as your disciple and for always guiding my life. 

Lucknow, India

The words of Adi Shankara resound inside me as the Guru's words—they too bring me to the light of the Self. When I read the teachings of the Guru, I experience the Self shining like gold and blazing brightly inside my heart.  
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your generous guidance.

Madrid, Spain

Since my early student days, I have recognized the importance of contemplation. By following Gurumayi’s teachings on contemplation, I often feel my heart fill with joy. Through this verse from Atmabodha, Gurumayi has further refined my perceptions about contemplation: when I contemplate with full engagement, a transformation occurs and light shines forth, bringing me joy.
Thank you, Gurumayi ji, for your kindness and love.

Cuttack, India

As I received this teaching, my heart burst open in joy and gratitude! Lately I have been taking my personal situation too seriously. Having read this great Truth, I now remember who I truly am.

Wisconsin, USA

Today I experienced great joy when I saw the magnificent verse posted here from Adi Shankara. I am familiar with him and even recite some of his verses regularly. I am so happy to feel aligned with Gurumayi’s intention!

Paris, France

I was delighted to read this verse today. I happened to begin reading another scripture last night before bed. I noticed a sense of inner recognition as I read, almost as though I’d read it before, even though this was my first time reading it. I awoke today feeling more clear and refreshed. I had the feeling that this inner recognition of the Truth was blazing inside me all night!

Wisconsin, USA

Each morning I look forward to the time I set aside to study one of the scriptures. Regardless of how much time I devote to this, I receive the benefit of focusing my attention on the sacred words as they vibrate in my awareness throughout the day. Often a line from what I had read earlier pops into mind, seemingly “out of nowhere.” The perfection of the timing of these occurrences never ceases to amaze me—and to remind me that the words of the great ones shine like the sun, revealing the inner beauty in each moment.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for guiding us to explore the wonder-filled scriptures.

Missouri, USA