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The Value of Shri Guru’s Teachings
Verses from Scriptural Texts Studied on the Siddha Yoga Path

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After reading the beautiful words of the poet-saint Jnaneshvar, I poured some grains of salt inside a glass of water to watch them dissolve. I kept my attention on the water until the grains were completely dissolved, just as it was time for me to go to sleep.

In bed, I noticed my body was becoming softer and more relaxed with every breath. My mind, too, became still, and I was drawn deep inside. I had a vision of sparks of light in the middle of my chest that looked like salt crystals. I felt pure love arise, and it seemed to be coming both from inside me and from all around me.
For me, this experience mirrored the nature of the sacred relationship between Guru and disciple. So now I am enjoying thinking of my relationship with Gurumayi as similar to that of salt dissolving in water.

What great fortune to be a disciple of the lineage of the Siddha Gurus!

Macerata, Italy

It does seem to me that the spiritual path is about finding ways to reawaken and to stay awake. As I read this teaching from Shri Jnaneshvar, I felt as if my mind were filled with grains of salt. Yet with the waters of these words, miraculously everything within my mind dissolved and I felt that I had become free—free of the burdens I unconsciously carry.
What an inestimable gift of grace to continually be reminded and woken up to the Truth!

Oregon, USA

I experienced deep peace when I read these beautiful words of Jnaneshvar. My experience is that there is no word as precious to a seeker as the Guru's word.

California, USA

I marvel at the power of the ancient scriptures to convey their meaning, not only intellectually, but also experientially. What stands out to me in this passage is the simplicity of the image of salt dissolving in water. I found it comforting, and my heart became peaceful as though it was dissolving into grace. I know this can happen in an instant if I immerse myself in the water of the Guru’s living knowledge.

New York, USA

These verses are so deeply uplifting and encouraging. No matter what the appearance of my ego, limitations, and fears may be, no matter how solid they seem, they dissolve immediately in the kindness, radiant love, and powerful light of the Guru’s teachings.

Montmorency, Australia

When I hear the words of my Guru, I enter my heart. When I enter my heart, my difficulties dissolve.
How fortunate we are to have a living Sadguru guiding us with her teachings.

California, USA

Reading this excerpt from Jnaneshvari recalled for me the experience of taking refuge in the practices, during times when I've been feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and my heart doesn't feel so open. Whether I repeat the mantra, read one of Baba’s or Gurumayi’s books, or even just hum a Siddha Yoga chant, connecting with the teachings of the Guru eases my sense of stress, opens my heart, and allows my mind to rest in something far larger than itself. This softening of my heart and mind feels to me remarkably like hard salt crystals dissolving in water.

Massachusetts, USA