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Nature Gallery II

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When I visit the Nature Gallery, my mind absorbs the radiance of every image and begins to quiet. I take in each budding flower, birds I have never seen, the unique patterns of clouds and water, animals in their natural setting, and the many dimensions and expressions of light. The beauty of nature opens my heart and draws me into the quietness of my inner being. During the day when my mind gets too active, I recall one of the images and the beauty that brought me tranquility, and once more I return to that quiet inner space.

Maryland, USA

Looking at the photos in this month's Nature Gallery, I noticed how many of them illustrate smaller details of nature, such as a bud, a bird, a branch.

Today, as I took a walk in nature, I was continually spellbound by small details around me: the individual notes of birdsong, the shape of foliage, the antics of an ant.

These photos have reminded me to take care of the details in my life, and to see each one as beautiful—for God is present there too.

Beccles, United Kingdom

These exquisite, intimate photos of nature evoke a poignant feeling of longing in my heart—longing to be one with nature, one with God, one with my own Self.

Kentucky, USA