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Mahashivaratri 2017

The Lord Who Dwells in the Hearts of All
A Gallery in Honor of Mahashivaratri 2017

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I am so moved by the pure artistry of each photo. Even the formless had form. As I moved from one photo to the next, I was spontaneously drawn within. My heart was warm and my mind still.

California, USA

After chanting Om Namah Shivaya for some time before sunrise on Mahashivaratri, I opened the picture gallery as daylight dawned. I visualized having Lord Shiva's darshan with every image. With each darshan, I felt so loved and cared for by Gurumayi. I know that my Guru is constantly guiding me, protecting me, and showing me pathways to discover my Self.

Geneva, Switzerland

This exquisitely beautiful gallery evoked in me an immediate experience of Shiva's deep, silent, powerful presence—in time and space, and in my own heart. Courage, faith, and deep stillness arose effortlessly in me. I am so grateful for this path and for the Siddha Yoga lineage!

Arizona, USA

I was deeply moved looking at this beautiful gallery in honor of Mahashivaratri. Yesterday I moved to a new home in a new town, and this gallery reminds me that indeed Lord Siva dwells everywhere. As I looked at the pictures, I felt stillness within and I felt the shimmering silence of the Self resonating in my new home.

Thank you so much for this beautiful gallery!

London, United Kingdom