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Nature Gallery I

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Looking at the close-up of the single green leaf, I was touched by the delicacy of its details. Immediately I felt this leaf was breathing, expressing Gurumayi’s Message for 2017 through a vast silent space. I experienced a sense of communal breathing, as if the leaf and I were one. There was nothing else but this exquisite, powerful breath with no beginning or end.
Thank you to Gurumayi, who imbues our lives with grace. 

Rennes, France

These nature photos are exquisite. They strengthen my intention to stay present and surrender to the flow of life. I love that Shiva Nataraj is photographed during each new phase of the seasons.  Salutations to Lord Shiva!

New Jersey, USA

Today, March 28, 2017, is Gudhi Padva—the new year in Maharashtra, which is the region of India that my family is from. It is a day on which we celebrate the triumph of light and knowledge over ignorance, and along with that, the sweetness of a new beginning. There are many traditions we partake in to herald this special day: for example, the display outside each home of a gudhi, a kind of flag made by draping a bamboo pole with a sari, a small copper pot, and garlands of flowers, neem leaves, and sugar. I have beautiful memories of walking around my uncle’s neighborhood in Pune, gazing at the red, pink, and gold gudhi in each balcony; the sweet spring air practically crackled with the promise of renewal.
As I studied these images on this special day, they seemed to be imbued with particular meaning. I experienced in them the same feeling of newness, of alacrity, of impending growth that I associate with Gudhi Padva. And I understood that this gallery, and this day, heighten my awareness of what we learn on the Siddha Yoga path: that the opportunity for renewal, for progress in sadhana, is always there. We just need to take note of it. 

Shree Muktananda Ashram

The force of nature is palpable in each artistic photo. I perceive power and peace as coexisting in the pristine pictures of the snow. Each bird picture affects me deeply; they seem to just accept whatever nature brings, and I see this as a great lesson for me. Even the footprints in the freshly fallen snow convey the message to me to continue on.
Thank you for taking us to Shree Muktananda Ashram. I can feel Gurumayi's Message for 2017 pulsating inside my heart—it feels alive for me. 

California, USA

When I look at these photos, I am reminded of the renewal of spring, the rebirth and transformation that is occurring in every moment. Having spent my entire life in southern California where the change of seasons is subtle, I had never experienced the astounding glory of the arrival of spring after a real winter, when nature seems to be coming out of hibernation. When I spent time in March in Shree Muktananda Ashram some years ago, I witnessed the miracle that is spring's awakening for the first time: millions of tiny leaf buds appeared on what had seemed to be dead branches and unfolded into what would be the bright green canopy of summer. I became ever more aware of God's presence in the world and in my life, and my perception and appreciation of the power of nature was forever changed.
I am so grateful for these beautiful images.

California, USA

Each subsequent picture slows me down. My breath becomes steadier, and I am encouraged to bask in the light of sweet life.
Enjoying myself immensely, as I move through the Gallery I come to the picture of the snowdrops, and time just stops. I look out my window at the fresh snowdrops there, those sturdy first responders to springtime's call. Even as their small stature can allow them to be easily overlooked, the sight of their return strengthens my heart. The snowdrops there and the snowdrops here have become one. Contentment reigns and joy prevails.

Washington, USA