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Nature Gallery I

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I woke this morning feeling somewhat uncertain about dealing with the responsibilities of my day. Then I looked through this beautiful nature gallery. The tender, exquisite beauty of the images softened and supported my state. Now I can sit for meditation. Now I can face the day. 
Thank you.

North Willoughby, Australia

I am so delighted and grateful to visit the May Nature Gallery on the Siddha Yoga path website. The images are so exquisite, filled with color and movement, intention and love.
Even the way the photos are ordered—they tell such a beautiful story! From being able to visit Bade Baba in the Temple... to gazing out at the expansive beauty of Lake Nityananda... to spending a moment with sweet birds and other animals... to zooming into the center of a blooming flower.
My breath expands with each new image. And whether it is a flower, or the wide open sky with Baba's moon sailing silently across, I do experience the Heart with every visit.
Thank you, Gurumayi! What a wonderful way to experience the presence of the Guru!

New York, USA 

As I was viewing the May Nature Gallery, I realized that I was moving through the pictures very quickly. So I paused... Then, I began breathing as I repeated Gurumayi's Message to myself. I lingered on each picture slowly, coordinating my breathing with the words of Gurumayi’s Message. 
What a gift! When I slowed down, I had a wondrous new experience of practicing Gurumayi's Message, and I experienced the divine light shining brilliantly in nature.

California, USA

Every day, often twice a day, I gaze at the beautiful and often unusual photos of nature, flowers, the lake, even little foxes! The photos are so enchanting and inexpressibly beautiful that my mind stops as I allow myself to fully absorb the image—or it fully absorbs me.

Washington, USA

These beautiful images of nature provided a most appreciated respite from my busy work schedule. The gentle and delicate sproutings of spring, the exquisite colors, the lovely creatures, and the majestic opening of the sky opened my heart.

Only two days ago a breeze of fresh mountain air, carrying an exquisite fragrance, came through the open window into my apartment. I live in Los Angeles; that window faces onto the street and morning rush hour was in process. I immersed myself in the cool breeze and the fine scent. Just then all seemed to quiet down, as if the street had somehow emptied out of all the morning traffic. My heart knew: I was experiencing my connection to my Shri Guru.

Thank you, beloved Shri Gurumayi, for this eternal connection.

California, USA

Tender young foxes,a still and patient frog, a freely soaring hawk, a great blue, wide-open sky… From just the first few of these photos I feel such a variety of flavors arise from within my being. They give me a fresh and renewed glimpse into what it means to be alive on this planet, with nature as my guide.

Gurumayi’s teachings show me how to weave meditation throughout my day, so that I can better know how to read these signs that nature gives.

I feel so full.

Hawaii, USA

The little foxes are incredibly cute. The opening of spring is so evident in this gallery. I embrace this renewal of life. And in doing so, I feel a renewed intention to deepen my sadhana.

Oregon, USA

The blossoming of the pink flowers is so beautiful; it touches me deeply! It reminds me of the power that lies within each of us and how the grace of the Guru makes it blossom forth.
I feel so fortunate to have such a Guru in my life!

Rome, Italy