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Nature Gallery IV

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As I experience these photos, my mind is free of thoughts. This stillness of mind helps me to experience clarity. I am able to perceive Gurumayi's teachings as I look at the photos.

Madrid, Spain

Thank you for this precious gift of the photos of Shree Muktananda Ashram. They take me right there. The landscape is so different from my country, yet so familiar. Each photograph leads me to the divine experience of my inner Self.

Trevi, Italy

After meditating for a few minutes on the vast and subtle beauty captured in these photos, my breath deepens and I perceive my surroundings with a new clarity—the grain of wood on my desk, the pink rose in the vase, the veins on my hands. Everything is fresh and vibrant and full of light.

 New York, USA

When viewing these glorious photographs, I feel as if I am sitting in silence before my own heart. I experience the Guru’s stillness and love. I am ever grateful for this avenue inward.

New York, USA