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Nature Gallery IV

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On the Siddha Yoga path, we acknowledge the presence of the Divine in all of creation—and this divinity is revealed in myriad forms in the natural world. The beauty and wonder we find in nature can inspire us, as seekers, to recognize the beauty within us and everywhere around us.

The Nature Gallery contains photographs taken in the wondrous environs of Shree Muktananda Ashram, where Gurumayi currently resides. The Ashram is located in upstate New York, surrounded by expansive forests and rolling hills, brimming with wildlife. Take your time as you view the gallery. Allow the images to transport you to the serene stillness of the Guru’s abode, and let nature’s splendor connect you to the splendor of your own great heart.


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It never ceases to amaze me just how connected I am to our spiritual home of Shree Muktananda Ashram. These exquisite photographs take me right there.
The other morning I woke up and looked out the window. There I saw a very beautiful, tall, and elegant Great Blue Heron standing by the small lake behind our home. This was not particularly unusual, as a great many of these beautiful birds visit this area. However, this particular Great Blue somehow looked much taller and more majestic than others that have visited us.
A short while later, I opened the Siddha Yoga path website's Nature Gallery. Lo and behold, what do I see?! There is the most majestic and elegant Great Blue Heron! I thought to myself: Gurumayi is truly everywhere. I am so grateful that she is with me all the time, in all forms, wherever I may be.
Thank you, my beloved Gurumayi, for showing me how in Nature, I can so easily access your Divine Presence within and without!

Florida, United States

As I opened the Nature Gallery I was stunned. I had seen the moon just like that, the night before. It was so luminous. The moon seemed to be calling to my profound inner nature to reveal itself. The shadows around the moon were bathing in light and being purified. Gurumayi, thank you for being so present to us through the Siddha Yoga path website, which gives us so many opportunities for satsang.

Sutton, Canada

Sun scatters darkness
Clouds hold
Hidden gems
Sparkles as
Sunlit flowers
Marvelous grace
Illumines all.

Missouri, USA

Viewing the August Nature Gallery gradually made me feel as if I'd been invited to play a game whose basic rule was "Find as many things as you can that have the same vibrant color as the Guru's robes—and as the flame of love."
First I found that orange hue among the abundance of flowers in Bade Baba's Temple, and in the garland of roses draped around his photo. Then it rose up to greet me in the sunshine reflected, like molten gold, in the waters of the lake, in the Monarch butterfly's wings, and on the bird's beak and breast feathers. And after a while it reappeared in the Temple roof, the flag signaling that the Guru is in residence, and the sun's rays illuminating the sky as it set.
How glorious it is to watch how Mother Nature paints herself in the hues of summer!

Illinois, USA

I move with intention towards the center of a sunflower, buzzing in ecstasy.
How exquisite this cool sip of nectar from a flower.

a Siddha Yogi from New York, USA

The photographs in Nature Gallery II for August are such a splendid depiction of the joys of summer. I can practically taste the perfection of that one ripe blueberry and the curves of the pear—while that not-quite-ripe strawberry made my mouth water in anticipation of what is yet to come! And the lush green foliage behind the flowers and the birds and the butterflies is such a vivid reminder of the abundant rains in recent months that have nourished all those leaves. The sunflowers too, enticing the butterflies and stretching toward the heavens, are such perfect emblems of this warmth-seeking, warmth-embracing season.
I am so grateful for these opportunities to appreciate the delights of each and every season.

Connecticut, USA