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Baba's Birthday 2018

Baba’s Moon Gallery I

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What wondrous moon photos to celebrate Baba! I feel so blessed to be a part of the love the world has for Baba as seen through these photos. And I so enjoy going out at night to take my own photo of the moon and to know that Baba is always with me.

Happy Birthday, Baba! Thank you, with all my heart.

New York, USA

These beautiful pictures, which so creatively display Baba's moon, fill my heart with joy. Together, these photos demonstrate the wonderful array of landscapes within this glorious world. They give different perspectives of the one moon, but as we view them one after the other, we can see the whole, a shared vision around the globe—satsang.

Yeovil, United Kingdom

The moon waxes and wanes, but I experience that the Guru's grace is always full of sweet love, like Baba's Birthday moon.

Happy Birthday, Baba! Thank you, Gurumayi, and thank you, Baba, for filling my heart with love like a full moon bursting with light.

Illinois, USA

As I watch the photos in the Baba’s Moon galleries scroll by, I feel as if I’m taking a tour around the world and observing the moon from varied locations and landscapes. I feel as though I am orbiting the moon myself, participating in a concentric dance with the global sangham, honoring Baba’s Moon within and without. 

Thank you, Baba, for this nectarean darshan.

Buenos Aires, Argentina