Teachings by Baba Muktananda

Throughout this year, Siddha Yogis around the globe are studying and implementing Gurumayi's Message for 2018: Satsang.

Baba Muktananda, Gurumayi's Guru, consistently emphasized the glory of satsang, "being in the company of the Truth." As he traveled the world, Baba introduced countless people to the experience of satsang; he made it possible for them to experience its transformative power in their lives.

In the following teachings, Baba extols satsang and expounds on its significance, benefits, and potency. Through studying Baba's words, we enhance our appreciation for true satsang and how it reveals the Truth that is within us, the Truth that is us.

As you read and reflect on Baba's words, you can also engage in the Siddha Yoga practice of self-inquiry, atma-vichara, by asking yourself questions, such as

  • How can I relate Baba's teachings on satsang to my daily life?
  • What attitude do I need to adopt in order to be fully open to the experience of satsang?
  • In what way(s) have I experienced the transformative power of satsang?

You may also wish to write in your journal what you learned from Baba's teachings and how you can apply that to your participation in satsang and study of Gurumayi's Message for 2018.

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