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Happy Holidays Gallery 2018

On the Siddha Yoga path, we revere light as an expression of the Divine. The Happy Holidays Gallery 2018 acknowledges the ways people and cultures around the globe celebrate light and express the universal qualities of peace, joy, and harmony at this time of year.

These depictions of light serve as a sweet reminder of humanity’s common purpose in such celebrations. Our own inner light shines through the myriad forms of expression and illumines the world. For Siddha Yogis, the celebration of light also represents the journey of sadhana and our ever-expanding awareness of this divine light that shines through all of creation.

holiday flower motif

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Seeing the photos of seven candles in a row reminded me of the seven chakras within the subtle body of every human being. I savored these photos, allowing my heart to soften and open with love. And then I became even happier as I had the thought that, for me, the rest of the slides—depicting light in so many forms—are reflections of the light of the Guru's grace shining on us all. 

Castlemaine, Australia

When I view these beautiful images, which are shared around the world, I am so grateful and feel so included in our sangham, in the gathering of hearts into the One Heart; the gathering of love into One Love.
I feel that I am there, and everyone is here, and we are all everywhere.
One more mystical gift of Guru's grace!

California, United States

The holiday season always held such wonder for me as a child. Of course, Santa was part of it, but as I remember my sweet, young heart, there was something stirring even deeper than that.
After the tree was decorated, it became this beacon of joy. Its smell was so pungent and fresh. Something that never lived indoors—an intricate part of nature—was now living in our house! My mother let me decorate my room with lights, and I would stare at the tree and the lights, and enjoy the feelings they evoked. Those feelings of wonder and light helped to bring me to our Guru. I’m certain of it!
Season’s Greetings to my beloved Gurumayi, and to all the light hearts in the Universal Hall.

Colorado, United States

Viewing this gallery and the introduction to it inspired me to conduct my own research into celebrations of light around the globe. I contemplated why almost every culture celebrates a holiday wherein lights, fires, or torches are lit. Then I looked up the simple word that I have been using casually all my life, and found that light is defined as something that makes things visible, as an illuminating agent such as the sun, and as radiance.
Perhaps, I thought, this is why I delighted in this season as a child—a season that stimulated an indescribable yearning in me. Perhaps, even then, I yearned to experience the inner light that makes the truth visible and brings radiance into our lives. I realized that the holidays, with their beauty, warmth, and exuberance, have given me a taste of light, both inner and outer, and a sensitivity that is unfolding more as I continue to de-light in sadhana.

New York, United States