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AUM Nature Gallery

In the ancient Vedic scriptures, the primordial sound AUM (ॐ) is described as the origin of the universe and the inner essence of mantra. The photographs in the AUM Nature Gallery feature various expressions of this sacred symbol seen on the vibrant grounds of Shree Muktananda Ashram.

Reflecting on the beauty of these images can inspire us to look for hints of AUM in the natural world that surrounds us—and can support us in perceiving divinity around and within us.


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I feel a delightful sense of playing hide-and-seek as I scan each gorgeous nature photo for AUM.
Even when I fail to find the sacred symbol, I know that AUM abides there in the same way that AUM’s ever-present divine vibration accompanies me in meditation with inner expansion into unity and diversity simultaneously.

Oregon, United States

I just love visiting the AUM Nature Gallery! After coming back to it again and again, I'm learning to be more patient as I scan each photo. I can see now that it's also becoming easier for me to find this symbol in nature around me.
When I am able to spot the AUM symbol in nature, I think of it as a manifestation of the Self bubbling up. Feelings of joy and gratitude bubble up throughout my being.

Georgia, USA

I come back to this gallery again and again. As I spend time with each image, I find myself silently chanting AUM. I see the shape of this sacred syllable, and I also feel the vibration of AUM in the entire image. As I look at the landscapes of my daily life, I remember that this primordial sound sings through everything I perceive.
What a blessing it is to remember this Truth!

Hampton, Australia

Contemplating the images in this gallery inspired me to go for a walk in a nearby natural reserve with the intention of refining my perception in such a way that I could appreciate the presence of the creative voice of God in the world around me. I sat under a tree, closed my eyes, focused on my breath, and allowed myself to enjoy the wonderful symphony of nature: an overture of rustling leaves and whistling wind was followed by a crescendo of humming, flute-like, harp-like and bell-like sounds. As I went deeper within, a sweet sound whispering in undertone to the natural concert around me emerged: AUM—within and without.  I experienced I was part of a unified, vibrating, divine network. A fleeting satsang moment to treasure and go back to, anytime.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for inspiring me to go beyond my ordinary perception through the beauty of the AUM Gallery.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Watching the AUM Nature Gallery, I remember Gurumayi's teachings on AUM.
I experience the same stillness of mind that I experience after chanting AUM. This gallery creates a pool of serenity in my heart.
Thank you, Gurumayi.

Basamathnagar, India