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Art Inspired by Gurumayi’s Message for 2018

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On seeing the painting of a group of people chanting with beautiful instruments, my mind became serene and I experienced complete tranquility in my heart. This painting reminds me of Gurumayi’s Message, and one of the ways that we practice it each week together with other Siddha Yogis in their home. Chanting is my favorite practice, and through chanting I can experience the divinity within.
I am grateful to all the Siddha Yogis who created these paintings. Each one conveys a beautiful and profound meaning.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your infinite guidance and support.

Chennai, India

I came to these magnificent expressions of Gurumayi’s Message with curiosity. I wondered how Siddha Yogis would express the inner and, for me, sometimes elusive experience of satsang.
I was surprised and captivated. Each rendition drew me into the heart of my own experience—a wordless, potent experience, full of light and comprehension. Each provided a unique pathway back to the center of my own being.
I feel inspired! I now sense a suggestion forming within my own creative vision that is also an expression of the subtle world of satsang.

California, USA

After looking at the art of the Siddha Yogis here, I connected to my Self. I felt I was in the magical world of all the colors.

Nadiad, India

Looking at the Siddha Yogis' artwork in the Creative Expressions Gallery has been a powerful way for me to connect with Gurumayi's Message.

Inspired by this gallery, I have started to take photos of the "gems" in my surroundings as a way to explore the Message and revel in my connection to all.

New Jersey, USA