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Gurupurnima 2018

Gurupurnima Celebration

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This exquisite series of photos in celebration of Gurupurnima 2018 captures for me the wondrous nature of Siddha Yoga. Gazing at them, I am prompted to reflect upon the sublime and mysterious nature of the world around me. And then I am given the gift of beholding my beloved Gurumayi. Silently, in the realm of my heart, she teaches me about the joys of attentiveness and worship. And when she touches Bade Baba's left knee, I feel her speak to the divine Shakti that protects and guides me on my yogic journey.
This has been a tremendous gift that I will cherish in my heart.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your endless, generous dedication to your students.

California, USA

As I watched Gurumayi and absorbed her puja to Bade Baba, the exquisite flowers, her joy with the baby, I felt immersed in the beauty of the lineage of the Siddha Yoga Gurus. My heart is pulsing with awareness, my mind quieting with gratitude.

Washington, USA

Such gorgeous colors—delightful, joyful, serene, delicious! To see Gurumayi amongst such incredible beauty brings the celebration home this morning, and I am filled with gratitude and love for my beloved Gurumayi, for Baba Muktananda, for Bade Baba!
Today I have just moved, and I am inspired to prepare our new home with the awareness of the care and love that goes into creating the sacred and exquisitely beautiful environment of the Temple and the luscious grounds of the Ashram.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for sharing your infinite beauty and grace.

New York, USA

Each photo felt more tender than the one before it, and by the time I finished looking through all of them, my heart had exploded with love.
It’s the sweetest prasad to spend time with Gurumayi in this way, and to see her express her love, devotion, and generosity as she interacts with nature and people, and offers worship in the Temple and at the lake.
When I saw Baba’s words inscribed on one of the Temple doors—“I owe my existence to my Shree Guru.”—it summed up what I was feeling in my heart.
Shubh Gurupurnima, Gurumayi! I’m so grateful for your sweet, divine presence in my life.

Illinois, USA

Watching Gurumayi offer puja to Bhagavan Nityananda goes straight to the heart! It nurtures the fire of my devotion to the Guru and brings renewed enthusiasm to my Siddha Yoga practices.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for constantly sharing your divine love and inspiration with us!

California, USA

Jaya Gurumayi—our playful, radiant, and joyous Beloved!
I’m grateful for each and every wonderful photograph—but especially for the darshan of our Guru's feet. May we hold this exquisite image in our minds and hearts always.

a Siddha Yogi from Vermont , USA

In one picture, Gurumayi is moving ahead with a foot on the stone near the lake. When looking at it, I felt as if she were giving me the message: “Just keep moving forward. Keep moving ahead with the grace of the Guru. Keep moving forward in sadhana. Have satsang.”

Allahabad, India

I am very grateful for these beautiful photos of Gurumayi doing puja to Bade Baba, offering flowers to Lake Nityananda, holding the sweet baby, joyfully celebrating Gurupurnima.
I felt identified with the little baby and delighted in being held by Gurumayi, as we all are held by her loving care.
Shubh Gurupurnima, Gurumayi!

Maryland, USA

Two rivers of love flowing side by side
One flowing from me to my Beloved
One flowing from my Beloved to me  
Two hearts bursting with love
Melting into the one Heart of the Self
Love, light, and bliss!

a Siddha Yogi from Pennsylvania , USA

I am very thankful for this darshan on such an auspicious day.  This gallery has turned thousands of miles of geographical remoteness into “zero distance.” It gives me closeness and freshness.

Himmatnagar, India

I experience this photo gallery as if it were a video: very alive with movement. Gurumayi seems to invite me to follow her into her world of purity, beauty, love, devotion, tenderness, strength, joy, playfulness, care, blessings, and so much more beyond words. I feel she directs my view to what she sees, my feelings to what she feels, my heart to the beat of her heart, my being to the essence of all.
Shri Gurumayi, thank you so much!

Hindelang, Germany

When I look at these photos of Gurumayi honoring her Gurus, it reminds me of how immensely lucky we are that Gurumayi had a Guru, and that Baba had a Guru. We have inherited so much love! In a sense, we are the children of such great beings. And I feel that we are like the child in the photos; our Gurus have led us to the holy waters, where we are blessed to be able to touch and experience their healing and joyful qualities.

New York, USA

So much radiance! I can perceive rays of love beaming in the colors, brightness, and ambience of these images.
Thank you, Guru ji!

Gopa, Sweden

What a blessing to experience Gurumayi's darshan and celebrate Gurupurnima with her through the Siddha Yoga path website. As I absorbed each picture of the day, my mind slowed down, my breath became easeful, and I became immersed in the beauty of the colors, the sights, and the experiences of this day.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for offering this opportunity to all your students.

Missouri, USA

This very auspicious time of Gurupurnima brings deep peace. The Guru's grace is streaming. Her devotion to her Guru is full of awe, gratitude, and humility. The colors of the puja are like a glistening rainbow and are lifting us up. Bade Baba's face is soft with love, and he is unshakeable in his protection of us.
 The Australian aborigines say that the eclipse is the sacred union of earth and moon as the earth's shadow touches the moon. I sing Om Gurudev and I am lifted up. Gratitude flows from every part of my being. I feel gratitude  for the Great Beings who protect us.
Thank you so much for your unfailing love, dear Gurumayi ji. You have given us hope that we can bring love into the world.

Port Fairy, Australia

Living flame
Manifest Heartfelt Gratitude
This Living Flame
Lights All the Worlds

Missouri, USA

Nearing eighty years old, I try to experience Shri Gurumayi’s divine grace every day. On July 27, I went to take part in the Gurupurnima celebration. Due to the monsoon rainy season, the sky was cloudy. After receiving prasad, I came out into the street and looked at the sky towards the east. It was already 9:30 PM. While I was looking at the cloudy sky, I suddenly had a glimpse of  the white full moon. I imagined the moon to be Shri Gurumayi, and I expressed my heart’s feelings to the moon before it was covered by the clouds again.

Surat, India

Thank you for the beauty of the Gurupurnima Celebration gallery.
Thank you for giving me the joy of actually being there although I am very far.
Thank you for the sweetness and wonder I feel looking at each picture.
Thank you for the amazing flowers—I could smell their fragrance.
Thank you for Bade Baba's glorious attire. I could feel I was in the Temple.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for your amazing grace.
Shubh Gurupurnima!

Rome, Italy

Tonight, as I was enjoying the night songs of the crickets and frogs and the warm light of the rising moon, my thoughts turned to Gurumayi. I suddenly felt inspired to go to the Siddha Yoga website, where I found this beautiful collection of images from Gurupurnima. As each image appeared and then dissolved into the next, the night songs here in Ohio were the soundtrack to accompany this sweet montage. Such an evocative combination of sound with stillness, visual beauty with aural symphony, celebration with gratitude.

Ohio, USA

These pictures allow me to really connect with the Guru and the beautiful Ashram, even though the huge Atlantic Ocean spreads between me and Shree Muktananda Ashram. That's why I've been very moved.
From dawn to sunset, I could follow Gurumayi during Gurupurnima day. I saw the Temple, and the lake, and the Guru smiling at me, like an early morning private darshan. What a wonderful way to start the day!
Thank you very much, Gurumayi, for your generosity!

Paris, France