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Gurupurnima 2018

An Invitation in Honor of Gurupurnima

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This invitation to practice dakshina reminds me of an insight that I gained early in my sadhana. I had come to Shree Muktananda Ashram for the first time to participate in my first Shaktipat Intensive. During a pause in the Intensive, we newcomers were invited to a tea. In the midst of this enthusiastic gathering, I had the keen experience that this spiritual path was a miracle—not only in my own life, but on the earth.
I asked myself, how did this miracle manifest upon the earth? In the heightened energy of the Intensive, this answer arose: "It is because someone made a sacrifice, the extent of which you cannot comprehend right now. That person inspired many others to sacrifice and to give, and that is the only way something like this can manifest on the earth."
In this moment my understanding of my life changed and I knew I had to be a part of this somehow, though I wasn't sure yet how. Then I saw the table with the cards for dakshina practice. I instinctively knew its significance, and I have been a dakshina practitioner to this day.

New York , USA