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Gurupurnima 2018

The Waxing Moon of Gurupurnima I

Moon Gallery IIGurupurnima Moon Gallery IIIGurupurnima Moon Gallery IV
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For me, viewing this gallery was an experience of satsang. I felt like I was on a magic carpet woven from the mantra, riding around the world and landing in the heart of each photographer.

Pennsylvania, USA

As I looked at each moon photo and where it was taken, I noticed that many of the locations are places that Gurumayi visited on her teaching tours around the world. It filled my heart to recognize that the light she planted is so beautifully glowing and spreading in Siddha Yogis' hearts and lives. I felt a wave of love connecting us I pictured us all practicing Gurumayi's teachings and serving her mission around the world. How blessed we are to have a living Guru, how blessed we are to be able to follow the Siddha Yoga path, wherever we are. Gurumayi has given us the ultimate gift—an awakened life— and she continues to guide us in myriad amazing ways.
Thank you, beloved Gurumayi!

a Siddha Yogi from California , USA

I feel so moved, thinking of Siddha Yogis all around the world, all of us connected, looking upward, basking in the light of our Shri Guru, the light of our heart. It feels like an abhishek—a ritual bathing—of the heart.
Thank you, Gurumayi ji, for drawing us together.

 New York, USA

I am so grateful for the experience of unity I have when looking at each of these lovingly captured photos of the waxing Gurupurnima moon. In these photos, I see that it is the same beautiful moon appearing in so many ways, and it is the same love and longing for the Truth manifesting in so many hearts. I may not see the physical moon tonight, but no matter what I experience outwardly, the glory of the Guru’s light and grace is always present in my life.

Kansas, USA

I viewed this gallery of photos as a dharana before my early morning meditation practice on Gurupurnima. I had the sense that as Siddha Yogis around the world, we are practicing Gurumayi's Message for 2018, Satsang, as we pause to look up at the sky and observe the moon. In this way, we can always connect to the Guru's light, and to one another. Afterwards, in meditation, I could experience my mind becoming quiet as it rested in the heart. It was a reminder of the Guru's love. It was yet another sweet moment of satsang.

California, USA

I so love these moon pictures. Every year, they never fail to touch me deeply. I think about all the Siddha Yogis, all over the world, looking at the same moon. Then I think of everyone in the world, looking at the same moon. Sometimes I feel I am in all these places. And I know that we really are all connected in our essence.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for enabling me to have this understanding.

Massachusetts, USA