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Dawn and Sunrise
New Year’s Day Gallery III

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Daybreak dispels the night, bringing fresh clarity to the waking world. The sun is self-luminous, constant, and ever-new. In the Siddha Yoga tradition, welcoming the auspicious first dawn of a new year evokes the awakening of the light of Consciousness within each of us.

In the New Year’s Day Sunrise Gallery, Siddha Yogis welcome 2018 by sharing the sun’s early light on this auspicious day from perspectives around the planet. As these many images depict the very same sun, we can appreciate that the one light of Consciousness shines through every heart, uniting us all.

The inspiration for the New Year’s Day Sunrise Gallery came on the first day of January 2013. That morning in Shree Muktananda Ashram, Gurumayi described to participants in A Sweet Surprise Satsang how she had gone outside to view the year’s first sunrise and found the sky covered by thick clouds. Seeing this, Gurumayi envisioned the global Siddha Yoga sangham sharing their photos of the dawning of the new year, as they had seen it, for all to enjoy. The SYDA Foundation Website Department shared Gurumayi’s request, inviting Siddha Yogis and new seekers to submit their New Year’s Day sunrise photos to a website gallery.

That year and every year since, Siddha Yogis from around the globe have joyfully responded to this annual invitation, sharing with Gurumayi, and with each other, their images of dawn in the New Year’s Day Sunrise Gallery.


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I was delighted to see the New Year’s Day sun over Ganeshpuri. I remember from my stay in Gurudev Siddha Peeth how heartwarming it was to welcome the big, peachy sunrise every morning—glowing tender and new.
Each time I sensed Gurumayi in my heart, I saw the image of the rising sun within. And this continued after I returned to Germany!

I am so grateful for this beautiful, touching reminder.

Berlin, Germany

During the last week of December, I drove through thick morning fog to offer seva for the Prison Project—to hold a satsang in a nearby prison where there are many Siddha Yoga students. I glanced in the rearview mirror and glimpsed behind me the most magnificent orange orb rising out of the mist. As the sun broke through and colored the sky with streaks of red and pink, I felt Gurumayi’s blessings for the upcoming satsang.
This reminded me of the ways in which grace breaks through the fog of the mind to reveal the light of awareness.

Florida, USA

As I clicked on the images of the sunrise, thoughts of the activities of the day were running through my mind, but soon, after the first few images, I was drawn by the peace and tranquility of each one to a quiet place within myself. It dawned on me that no matter where we are on the planet, the early morning sun has the same impact, bringing a real sense of promise to the start of the day.
And I've wondered how life might be in the world if those early moments could be captured to last for the rest of the day.

Birmingham, United Kingdom

As I let the photos roll from one to the next, my heart softened and warmed with gratitude. I felt a strong connection with each person who took each photograph and with each place where the sunrise was seen.

Ohio, USA

I live in a valley where the sun is blocked by a mountain till midday. So I felt gratitude to be able to watch the New Year's sunrise online through the eyes of so many Siddha Yogis. A feeling of great silence, sweetness, and tenderness arose in me. The photos of India in particular were very powerful in creating in me a sense of worship.

Hindelang, Germany

I love being part of this global experience, with all of us seeing the deity of the rising sun together. While taking the sunrise photos, I was entranced by the visual beauty of the scene. Later I experienced a connection between that moment and Gurumayi's Message for 2018 message, and these words seemed to flow out of my pen:

The sun rising on New Year's morning
Brings a promise of a fresh start
Every day, every moment
It is up to each one of us
To live in the Truth
To be the Truth that is our Heart
To honor and respect our planet
To unite across this globe
To stop conflicts and negativity,
by our own thoughts and actions,
kindness, generosity, steadfastness, and courage.
We will make this world a better place.

Florida, USA

At my ten-year-old daughter's request, I woke her up earlier than usual so she could participate in A Sweet Surprise Satsang at home with my husband and me. Although she was a bit sleepy, she arose with determination and enthusiasm and immediately remembered her intention to photograph the New Year's Day sunrise. When she went outside to take photos, I was touched to see her happiness and focus as she offered this seva.
Later I helped her submit two of her photos. When we looked on the Siddha Yoga path website today, we were excited to see one of her photos in the gallery.
As we viewed the photo here, we saw a tiny light-filled heart in the sunrise image that we had not noticed before! This felt to me like a sweet communication of love and blessings from God.

California, USA  

What a delight to see the pictures of the first sunrise of 2018 from around the world.
We had thick fog in Delhi, and I kept praying to Surya Devata, hoping the sky would clear. At first I was a bit disappointed that I could not see the sun and would not be able to contribute a sunrise picture for the Siddha Yoga path website. Then it dawned on me that the sun exists in its full glory behind the layers of fog and is receiving my heartfelt prayers.
I surrendered mentally and felt immense peace and calm within. In that moment, in my inner vision I saw Gurumayi's radiant face, like the sun, smiling at me.
Thank you for the pictures of the sun captured through the creative lens on the vast landscape of God's creation!

Delhi, India

Peace! This is the impression left in me by watching the Dawn and Sunrise New Year’s Day Gallery—and also creativity! God is so creative in all this beauty and diversity.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

On the evening of January 1, I sat with a friend, and we looked at the images in the Dawn and Sunrise New Year's Day Gallery. Our heads bowed closely over the computer screen as we gazed, exclaiming at each beautiful photo.
The next morning as I sat for meditation, I experienced the most exquisite inner slideshow of one beautiful sunset after the next. I was bathed in sublime color and form, full of joy and peacefully at play in this shimmering inner light. I felt as if I’d been adorned with a golden strand of bejeweled sunrises sparkling with the many facets of the radiant orb, each a perfect gem.
When I came out of meditation, I felt such gratitude to Gurumayi for painting this dawning new year with the palette of Surya Devata.

California, USA

In my excitement about photographing the dawn before sunrise of New Year's Day, 2018, for the Siddha Yoga path website, I awoke very early. I dressed warmly and ventured out onto my snow-covered deck.  The air was still and the snow reflected light into the darkness so I was able to view the pristine lake. 
Breathing in deeply, I could feel the shakti expanding throughout my being. I thanked God for the  wonder of winter and in profound silence I awaited the dawn. Soon I began photographing the beautiful hues of dawn. Not too long afterwards, I caught the sun playing hide-and-seek through the trees and my camera captured it. Filled with excitement, I kept my eyes on the horizon. Quicker than I expected, the sun greeted the New Year in full splendor. My heart felt sun-bathed in love, and only the sacred moment of oneness existed.

Pennsylvania, USA

What a joy to see the beautiful landscapes from the bottom of the world! I am so grateful to the Australians and New Zealanders who have shown us the first sunrise of the year 2018!

Pau, France