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Nature Gallery II

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On the Siddha Yoga path, we acknowledge the presence of the Divine in all of creation—and this divinity is revealed in myriad forms in the natural world. The beauty and wonder we find in nature can inspire us, as seekers, to recognize the beauty within us and everywhere around us.

The Nature Gallery contains photographs taken in the wondrous environs of Shree Muktananda Ashram, where Gurumayi currently resides. The Ashram is located in upstate New York, surrounded by expansive forests and rolling hills, brimming with wildlife. Take your time as you view the gallery. Allow the images to transport you to the serene stillness of the Guru’s abode, and let nature’s splendor connect you to the splendor of your own great heart.


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I am awestruck by what I see in the photos in this Nature Gallery— God’s inventive power and benevolence in creating such a magnificent world for us to live and breathe in.
These images inspire me to see God as the consummate Artist, painting and sculpting beauty with tremendous, irrepressible, divinely exuberant joy. There are works of art on every scale—from the layers of clouds draped across the sunset-painted sky, to the airborne acrobatics of a water bird, to the most exquisite details of the veins in a leaf or the tiny structures encircled by a flower's petals.
I am ever grateful for the way that these Nature Galleries entice me into moments of stillness and delight.

Illinois , USA

What a sweet blessing to see all these images of nature. I could hear the birds, smell the fragrance of flowers, and feel the companionship of the animals, nature, and of Gurumayi. I remember that satsang is everywhere and ever accessible through Guru’s grace.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for this most beautiful gift.

Hawaii, USA