Mahashivaratri 2018

Mahashivaratri Crescent Moon Gallery 2018

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As I was contemplating the significance of Mahashivaratri and repeating the mantra on my morning hike, I looked down and saw a beautiful crescent-moon shape in the ice on the path. I felt that the ice had captured the reflection of the crescent moon in the sky and Lord Shiva had placed it there in acknowledgment of my contemplation.

a Siddha Yogi from Pennsylvania, USA

On the night of Mahashivaratri, I was unable to see the moon due to cloud cover. So I chanted Om Namah Shivaya and connected within to my heart, the moon, and Lord Shiva. When I saw this gallery, tears welled up and my heart filled with joy as I recognized that my experience of the moon on Mahashivaratri was reflected in the images of the moon offered by others.
Gurumayi, thank you for this amazing gift.

a Siddha Yogi from Paddington, Australia